Cozy & Rych FAQ's

Cozy & Rych shop on Etsy

Where can I find your shop?

On Etsy! Visit

Why is it spelled Rych?

It's our last name ;)

Who runs the shop?

Mostly me (Jenn)! Matt helps me on the businessy side of things, but it's always me working on Etsy and on social media.

What types of items do you carry?

It's always evolving and expanding, but the majority of our products are sweatshirts, t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, journals, and a few household items.

How much is shipping?

Ready for some good news? It's *always* free! (For US customers - $5 for Canada, $10 everywhere else.) I personally hate paying for shipping, and I want you to know the full price upfront without having to add shipping on after the fact!

Where do your designs come from?

I make them! I get a little help from pre-existing elements, but they're always uniquely updated and arranged by yours truly! I have a note on my phone full of ideas that come to me at all hours of the day, and as soon as I have the time, I sit down and knock a bunch out.

Do you take requests/offer custom designs?

YES! There are a couple of existing custom designs already in the shop, but I'm always willing to work with you if you'd like to see a design in a different color or on a different object. Message me or send me an email at cozyandrych@gmail(dot)com and I'll see what I can do!

Where do your items come from?

I use printing suppliers for my items, and as soon as they're finished being printed they get sent directly to you from the printer! One of them is located in Charlotte, NC and the other is in San Francisco, CA.

Do you offer any discounts?

Frequently! I love to run 10% off sales all the time, and I'll find ways to pass out deals every chance I get! We currently have a Daily Deal every single day, where one item in the shop is more deeply discounted than anything else! If you are a blogger or Instagrammer and would like a discount code to share with your followers, email me at cozyandrych@gmail(dot)com

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