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Do you live for this stuff? I sure do. Personality typing is maybe frivolous, but I love that you can succinctly identify things about a person with just a word or a sentence. In that vein, I kept this super-simple, but included links to share what each of the types mean if you aren't familiar with a particular framework, as well as resources to find out what you are in each of these categories.

Virgo Sun, Scorpio Moon, Sag Rising, Gemini North Node
Virgo Sun Info | Scorpio Moon Info | Sag Rising Info | Gemini North Node Info | Calculator

The Four Tendencies
Rebel, tips Questioner
Rebel Basics | Questioner Basics | Quiz

Type 4w5 Info | Quiz 1 | Quiz 2

Human Design
3/6 Manifesting Generator with Emotional Authority
Man Gen Info | 3/6 Profile Info | Emotional Authority Info | Calculator

Mediator (or INFP) info | Quiz

Love Language
Quality Time & Words of Affirmation
Quality Time Info | Words of Affirmation Info | Quiz

If you clicked through any of my personality type links (and it's okay if you haven't, it's probably not the most fun to read these types of specifics about someone you don't really know), you may have noticed a few patterns and themes. The words writing, communication, teaching, learning, and helping come up a whole lot.

In one of these articles, a sentence ended with "creativity, independence, and their need for meaningful relationships with individuals who need their help." (source) That's probably the most well-stated simple description of who I am at my core.

Do you share any of these personality distinctions with me?

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