Thursday, December 29, 2011

On choosing a book.

For the last two days, in addition to finalizing details for our quaint little club, I've been searching high and low for books. My "would-like-to-read" list (which I consider separate from my TBR list, because they are books I don't physically have) is growing incredibly fast! My hope is to pause on adding anything else until my next round of suggestion requests so that I don't end up creating a list I can never get through. I mean, how wonderful would it be to catch up that well? To say I've read all of those books? A dream of mine.

At any rate! While I'm sifting through list after list, attempting to come up with a few to vote on for Book #1 (And, BTW, Book #1 will be the same for both Steady & Speed Readers), I thought... why not share the sites that are supplying my inspiration with all of you? It may even spawn a few suggestions of your own!

These are my favorite places to find new books:

GoodReads If you don't already have an account there, I highly recommend you start one now! You'll certainly have a bunch of books and reviews to add thanks to our book club! There are so many ways to find books on Good Reads - on your friends' shelves, through their new Recommendations feature, and their endless collections of listopia lists voted on my fellow members. You can really get caught up exploring on Good Reads... it's like walking through a virtual library.

Flashlight Worthy Books  I found this site a long time ago on Twitter, and came to love their site. They've got lists upon lists with topics that go off the beaten path. So, rather than just looking at "fiction", "non-fiction", "young adult"... you'll find lists with titles like, "Coming-of-Age Novels That Rocked My World" and "9 of the Best Books About Love... that Your Book Club Probably Hasn't Read". Love it! Also? Bonus! When you create an account there, you can check off "I want to read this book" or "I've read this and liked it" checkboxes, which create lists and recommendations for you.

Amazon Listmania I found this feature on Amazon by accident (is there anything Amazon doesn't do or sell??) when looking for picture books for my son. I had no idea there were lists for all sorts of things, and since they are created by individuals, you'll find all sorts of stuff! Being Amazon, there are decent reviews on books, and if you decide you want to purchase it - well, you're already there!

You can always search Google, or sift through your local library's site, too!

Well, I'm off to work on my list some more - I'm really hoping to have our choices narrowed down by tonight or tomorrow morning so we all have time to obtain whatever we're going to read first! Keep sending me your suggestions, and if you haven't sent me your info for membership yet, don't forget to check out the Our Readers tab!

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