Friday, December 5, 2014

Where I Find New Reads

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Where to find new books to read!

I have a bit of an obsession with finding new books to read, and my to-read list grows faster than my finished stack. I am just so excited about books - how there are always new ideas, new places to fall in love with words, and romance, and creativity. It's so thrilling to me!

I love to consult a few different places to find new books to add to my "I NEED to read this" list - the varying opinions and suggestions I pick up from these places keeps my varied taste in genres happy and energized, and I love finding books I never would have stumbled on myself!

Check these out if you need some reading inspiration:

1. Kristina Horner on YouTube
I started watching her for her favorites videos, but have always loved her book suggestions. She's recently sort of transitioned into being a mostly-book vlogger, so her recommendations are aplenty lately, and I LOVE it! I always have notepad open or a pen and paper handy when I watch her videos so I can jot down new ideas to request from the library - she makes my list grow quickly! Check her out HERE!

2. Taking Photos of the Displays at the Library
I usually request books I want to read online from the library and go pick them up when I can. It saves me a lot of time and frustration trying to keep my kids quiet while I search for something, only to find it checked out or not where it belongs. Right behind the check out counter is a stack of books they rotate around. I usually have too many in my hands to take anymore home, so I take pictures on my phone (see left), Google the titles later to see what sounds good to me, and request them when I'm ready for them. You can do this with any display at your library - even whole shelves you're interested in!

3. Browsing my GoodReads feed & friends' Reading Challenges
I love doing this - seeing what my friends are into and even getting a peek into their recent reviews is so helpful when I'm looking for something specific. If any of my other methods fail to show me something new and interesting, this one delivers!

4. Monthly Newsletters
Currently, I receive 2 monthly newsletters from GoodReads (their regular one, and their YA one), one from iBooks, and one from Barnes & Noble. You can sign up for these on each of their websites, and they'll send you newsletters each month with new and trending reads to check out. I also love the occasional "heads up" email I get when an author of something I've previously read comes out with a new book.

5. Lists, Lists, Lists
I made this one so broad, because you can find lists of books all over the place! And I get so lost in these! Some of my favorites are....

Listopia on GoodReads
Searching Book Boards on Pinterest
B&N Top 100 on Barnes & Noble

I have to warn you, though. You will find A LOT of good books to read, so approach with caution if you want your dishes to get done anytime in the next few months ;)

Did I miss an awesome resource? If so, please share it with me!
I clearly need more places to look ;)

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