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Spring Jane Parade: Happy and Free, Release 1!

Matilda Jane Spring Jane Parade Release 1

Eeeeeeep! Every time I look at the colors of these Spring pieces, that's the sound I hear in my head. I'm a total color fiend, and when you throw florals in the mix, and then set it over the edge by pairing them with stripes, I can't help but squeal and clap my hands and...well, throw money at it. ;)

By now, most people have had a chance to put their hands on these Matilda Jane pretties, so I'm sharing my try-on pictures to help you make your wishlists! Here's mine:

Marzipan Rose Dress
Honeyed Elegance Dress
Bewitching Tidbit Top
Blue Raspberry Tee

There's more, but, priorities. :)

Marzipan Rose Dress

First up - the star of the show, as far as I'm concerned. I have been totally in love and obsessed with this dress (Marzipan Rose) since I saw the first preview and knew I'd have to have it. It's hanging a bit wide in the waist on me in this picture because it wasn't quite my size, but it was otherwise perfection. Florals, pink and orange together, grey, the contrast in the colors, the little peekaboo ruffle - eeeek! It was designed for me, I'm sure of it. ;)  I love that my nails were grey for this (totally unplanned) but I'm thinking bright pink for an anniversary date or something would be perfect. It runs true to size, and it's super girly and twirly!

Honeyed Elegance Dress

Okay so, we totally need to talk about this dress. It is SO comfortable and flattering, and I was so distracted by the florals on the Marzipan Rose that I had no idea I loved this dress so much! It's perfect. It is so easy to wear. It feels light and flowy so you can totally wear it all the way through October if you wanted, but (as I'll show you in a second), it pairs and layers so well! Meaning you can start getting mileage out of this beauty as soon as it hits your doorstep. It's a perfect little Mother's Day or Easter dress, and there are plenty of coordinating pieces for all the MJ ages (even bowties for the boy moms like myself.)

Honeyed Elegance Dress Pairings

For a super casual, stylish look, pair it with a jean jacket, or go a little more "PTA" and add on the Just Warming Up Cardigan (which I think will be on Good Luck Trunk in March!) The cardi is super light and airy, but gives you a little something extra for a strapless piece like this (perfect for spring - think church, or Easter) but I really love how it looks with the jean jacket!

Betwitching Tidbit Top

Next on my obsessed list is THIS TOP! Ahhh! Floral/stripe combinations are my heartbeat. I tried this shirt on with jeans and leggings, and loved it with both! The sample is a little big on me, so mine will be a bit more fitted, but either way it is soft and flowy and forgiving. And I'm totally crazy about it! The back scoops down a little, making it feel a little breezy and flirty and a little extra special, while still being modest enough. So perfect!

Blue Raspberry Top

Last on my totally-must-have-asap list is the Blue Raspberry top. It was silly of me to not expect to love this thing, because it has the same general design as the Meg Tee from Fall, and that's one of my favorite everyday tops. This one is slightly more generous, though, and can totally be paired with leggings in the right size. I also tried them on with my Sheridan Finns because I knew the blues would totally pop together - I love how they look! I also really love the blue trim around the neckline - it's a simple detail, but that color looks better against my skin tone vs the light aqua. It is just such a soft, comfortable, airy shirt - you will love it!

Enticing Eyelet Top

I'm on the fence about this one - the Enticing Eyelet Top. It has seriously gorgeous, girly details, but the color is only just dark enough to not totally wash out my complexion. I'm cinching it in the back, too, because the sample was too big, so I'm not totally sure how this will accurately fit me. However, I really do like it, and so much about it is my style, so this is a purchase I'll likely make down the road (after I'm done making impulse decisions about the 4 things that came before this, haha.)

Light As Air Dress

Okay. So. Here's me, trying my hardest not to look an inch from death, and then being a weirdo and pulling my Cheryl skirt from Fall over the Light As Air wrap dress, because, people do things like that sometimes, right? Oh, and I have the Spoonful of Sugar dress extender on under it all. I really like the style of this dress - I feel like it's fun and flattering, and while I appreciate the color, my complexion (which I would describe as say, wonder bread with freckles) is not a big fan. I say this only so you don't assume it makes everyone look so washed out because if you think this color suits you, the style of the stress it totally worth it. It's very forgiving and comfortable!

Mallowcreme Jacket

The Mallowcreme Jacket is a little too heavy on the ruffles for me, but it is the prettiest shade of pink, and coordinates with so many pieces - both from spring and Fall 2015. I love the ruffles on the bottom hem!

Mae Top

This isn't from Spring, it's from Fall (technically) but it's still available this season! I just got it, and I love it! It's such a sweet pink, and it's light and airy for spring.

You can see all of these pieces (and more!) on the fancy-shmancy models on - they're live now!

I haven't picked the date just yet, but I'll be hosting a Trunk Show in February (online and in person, so you can totally join us virtually!) if you're crushing on any of these pieces and you'd like an invite. Let me know, I'd love to have you! You can also keep up to date on all the latest MJ happenings and place an order with my Trunk Keeper, Cassie. She's #548 and you can find her easily on Facebook!

What's your favorite piece from this release??? <3

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