Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Jenn Went Shopping Again Part 2

Oh, Target. Youuuuu seductress.

Unexpected free time is dangerous, because the "home" button on my internal GPS is whatever Target I am closest to at the moment. And that's how all of this happened.

For starters, I walked in wearing the Targetest Targety outfit that ever did Target. The only thing on my body that I didn't buy from Target are the jeans. And, okay, the jewelry. But literally everything else...good 'ol Tar-get.

Do you ever wonder if Target employees are suspicious of you when you walk in wearing so many Target things? This time, thankfully, most of my outfit isn't currently on the racks, but in the past I've absolutely gone back wearing a shirt I bought the day before. Hashtag Target Lyfe.

The madness (so fitting) began with this adorable Alice In Wonderland shirt. I'm currently reading Alice In Wonderland for funsies, and also planning a fall Disney trip and Disney shirts are a must. I loved the floral design (FLOWERS!) and the length in the back, so this was my first yes.

Next was a cute-enough tank with a pretty lacy trim that I found on a clearance rack. I could have easily added this as a cute staple to my closet, but it didn't overly wow me. And sometimes that has to be the deciding factor at Target, or I'd own the whole store.

This next shirt rode around in the cart with me for a while so I could decide what to do about it.

I was crazy about the cut - both belly and bra friendly with unique sleeves - but the print was too busy and really-really not me. I kept wondering whether or not I should step out of the box for it, especially since it was only $10, but I ended up putting it back.

Did I mention my little dude was with me? He is the best shopping buddy there ever was.

Next up, another tank. I loved the zipper in the back, but it was frustratingly just shy of bra friendly. Like seriously another 1/4 inch and it would have been great, but I didn't want to struggle with stuffing bra straps back in constantly, so this one stayed at Target, too.

I'm a sucker for a ruffle (thanks, MJC for that particular obsession) and I noticed some ruffly pieces in their new "wear to work" line or whatever it's actually called. I found this top and got all heart-eyed over it, but truthfully it photographed better than it looked in person. The fabric was really strange - like an obviously fake silk material, which made it hang a little oddly, and I questioned the ease of washing it. (If something is dry clean only or not dishwasher safe, that ish doesn't come home with me. Because it will be dirty for the rest of its life.)

I also suspect that I needed a smaller size - I felt sort of swimmy in this, so maybe the next size down would have done it for me, but at the end of the day I didn't have $25 to spend on another cute tank.

But man, it's cute isn't it.

Welp, I'll be stalking this for the next month. Cool job, me.

And finally....this shopping excursion is book-ended by things that actually did come home with me, because I could not say no to this:

This is not only the most comfortable hoodie in existence, it's the perfect weight for spring and summer, has this crazy unique and adorable cut on the sides, comes in the prettiest purple, and....wait for it.....is toooooootally legging friendly. It covers all the bits. A thousand yesses.

You win again, Target.

I at least managed to not come home with all of these things, and instead texted them to Matt letting him know that these would make great gifts because they were basically designed from my brain:


Before I close this particular shopping chapter, I'll fill you in on the fact that I also procured these leggings:

See, I do love the Lula every now and then. They just have to speak my language.
Which is flowers, obvs.

AND, Grove Collaborative is still woo-ing me with their wizardly organic products, and I can't even tell you why I am so ridiculously obsessed. My second shipment included...

Acure Organics Facial Toner Balancing Rose + Red Tea
Acure Organics Pore Minimizing Red Clay Mask
Acure Organics Coconut + Argan Cleansing Towelettes
Seventh Generation Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner
Grove Collaborative Glass Spray Bottle

My next cart is filled with Mickey-themed soap by Method for the kiddos, and a razor that's made from recycled yogurt cups. No lies. (PS, you can still grab $10 off with my link up there, if you'd like it.)

Okay, time to put the wallet away again. Until next time ;)

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