Friday, June 24, 2016

Jenn Went Shopping Again Part 3

It's Summer, shopping-friends!

How excited are we for a new set of wardrobe essentials to hunt for? I will answer for us: outrageously.

On a recent hunt for a birthday party gift, my seven year old (the best of my homemade shopping buddies) flew around the women's section of Target, picking out things he thought would look pretty on me. This sounds like a sweet gesture, and it was, but before you get too awwww about it let me tell you that as we were in the dressing room he was yelling, "my mom is wearing polka dot underwear!" and giggling about it. So, I think that phase of motherhood is officially coming to a close.

Let's start with a touch of regret, shall we?

I don't know how I do this, but so many times I'll try something on and hate it, and when I see the picture again later I'm like WHAT, why didn't I get that in every color?! Example:

Summer Shopping at Target

How cute is that top?! I'm going to guess that the hemline was a bit too short for me, because I'm loving the lace overlay and the cut, and I can always use an endless number of black wardrobe pieces. Amiright?

Next up was a hard no.

Summer Tanks from Target

It had potential, but there was a little too much going on, and the color was not for me. I think this is a current piece, though (in a few different colors) so if it's your thing, you can find it.

Ooh, next up is a win!

Essential Summer Tops from Target

It doesn't look like much, but it's perfectly flowy and comfortable, and it was less than $15. This is also current and comes in a few colors. I'm wearing it right now, actually - easily one of my favorite new versatile tanks. You can dress it up or workout in it or do some marathon shopping in it. Perf.

Next, The disappointment.

Affordable Summer Closet Staples

This was so cute, but it let me down! I sized up because, again, I like a long hemline, and it was just too roomy width-wise. But more than that, the criss-cross in the back (which is what I loved most) would not hide my bra even a little bit. It showed so much of it, you could see skin from below the bra strap. Not cool. I tried and tried to find a smaller size but no such luck. Sighhh. Target, you tease.

This, though, was the win of the trip:

Super cute lace tee from Target

I mean....right?

If I could describe my style in three words it would be: florals, stripes and lace. Just checking one of those boxes makes me all googly eyed, but two? I almost hyperventilated. It is so ridiculously flattering and adorable and I would wear it every day of the week if I could get away with it.

PS - this is also current, but I grabbed the second last one at my Target, so it's probably a tad tricky to find. I'm pretty sure this is it, but there's only this deep orange left online.

I guess I was feeling the navy stripes that day, because then I tried this:

Perfect Summer Tees from Target

It was comfy and cute - I loved the little pocket, and it's hard to see but there's a little detailed edge to the sides that made it hang really pretty, but I didn't need two nearly identical shirts. (Or did I?)

I call this one The Waste of Time:

Realistic summer style from Target

Why did I even try this on? Blech. You hate it, too, right?

And finally, I thought I found a perfect summer sweater for evening fires:

Lightweight Summer Sweater from Target

It's sheer (almost see-through, really) and light, and I was so in love with its exaggerated arm lengths and flowy, long hemline. Plus, it was only $12. But then I turned to the side and realized that there was a massive hole in the side seam. I probably could have fixed it, but I knew I wouldn't get around to it until after the perfect weather for wearing it, so I didn't get it.

Cute though, right? My 7 year old loved it for some reason - he begged me to get it despite the hole.

"Don't worry, Mom, no one can see your polka dot underwear through that hole."

Thanks, dude.


Which one is your fav?

BTW, the shorts are Target's, too. (Naturally.)

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