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The Adventure Begins! February Jane Parade

Matilda Jane's The Adventure Begins February Jane Parade Release 1 IRL photos It feels outrageously fitting that the first season of my Trunk Keeper-hood is called The Adventure Begins - because, seriously. Not only is it an actual new adventure in my life, but having a room full of these happiness-boosting beauties is an adventure itself. I am SO EXCITED to share the women's line with you in my first ever TK-official Jane Parade!

And maybe just a couple of the girls things, because.....holy adorable.

You ready for this?'re going to want it all ;)

All Women's items are available in XS - XL, and you can find them all by shopping my website, HERE! I am 5'5" and typically wear a size 4-6, or a small in Matilda Jane.

The first thing I'm going to share *I* think has the greatest chance of a sell-out, so I want to make sure you know of it right away! It's called the Come On Over Cardigan, and it's perfect.

Come On Over Cardigan by Matilda Jane Clothing
sorry bout the grump face, i don't even know.

It's a versatile neutral color, flatteringly drapey, and has a subtle fringe and unique button design that creates a neckline resembling a scarf.



That drape! Love! I'm wearing a Medium in these pictures, though I think I probably need a Small. It runs slightly on the bigger side, in a good way. Grab yours here -> Matilda Jane Come On Over Cardigan

Next up is maybe my favorite, favorite piece from the entire women's line! I call it the Belle dress, because it reminds me of the blue dress she wears in the opening sequence of the movie - ya know when she's walking through town with a book in her face? (She's my soul sister.)

Check. out. this. beauty.

Exploration Dress by Matilda Jane Clothing

Right? I KNOW!

The stripes you see are actually grey, and they are made out of a raised, textured thread - almost embroidery floss type of material. The dress itself is soft and cozy, and the skirt is perfectly flowy.

This is pictured in an XS - it's a little too snug for my liking (I already ordered it in a small!), but it fits my little sister perfectly. (We're kind of twinning like whoa. Except she has prettier, Michael Kors-ier shoes.)

Grab yours here -> Matilda Jane Exploration Dress

Next up, something super casual and cozy. It's called the Heartbeat Top, and it's got that luxurious MJ modal blend that makes you just want to live in MJ 24 hours a day. If you haven't experienced that yet - it's time, sister.

Matilda Jane Heartbeat Top Matilda Jane Outdoor Anthem Big Ruffles

It's equally as cute with jeans as it is with our new navy big ruffles - the stripes are navy also. It's soft, cute, and simple and I luuuuv it. I'm wearing a small above, and I'm happy with that for me.

Grab yours here -> Matilda Jane Heartbeat Top

So, about those ruffles.

I paired them with one of my fav Target tops (you can witness the moment of love at first sight, here) since it also has navy stripes. So cute, right? The ruffles + the lace. Heart eyes, all of them.

My pair are mediums, and they are a bit too big for me. So I'd call these true to size, and SO INSANELY COMFORTABLE. Get yours here -> Matilda Jane Outdoor Anthem Big Ruffles

While we're on a navy kick, take a gander at this coat.

Matilda Jane A Million Little Things Jacket

So cute, so good! I think of it as a London-inspired rain coat for spring, except that it's made out of a cozy, almost sweatshirt material. My favorite things about it are the ruffled hem (though it's kind of an understated ruffle, which I think is perfect), and those eye-popping aqua buttons. It runs big - this is a small, and I've actually pinned it pretty well in the back. So size down for this one! And grab it here -> Matilda Jane A Million Little Things Jacket

When I pulled this next dress out of my trunk, I was immediately impressed with the fabric. You can't even tell in these pictures how incredibly vibrant the colors of this floral are. You have to see it in person to truly appreciate it!

As impressed as I was with the fabric, I was hesitant about the style of this dress. It's probably just that it didn't come in my size, and it runs big - because once I pinned the heck out of it and put the Spoonful of Sugar Dress Extender on under it (psst, we also have a new pretty grey dress extender called After the Rain)....

Matilda Jane Thoughts and Dreams Dress

Uh, yeah...we can play, dress. has pockets. Dress pockets are the best pockets.  I'm wearing a medium in the above, but it's pinned like whoa. In order to get this look, I think I'd get an XS because this baby runs large - size down, giiiirl.

This bright, mod-ish, boho-ey beauty is available right here -> Matilda Jane Thoughts and Dreams Dress

By the way, here is my pretty friend (the one you can blame for my Matilda Jane obsession) wearing this dress with the above coat over it, and not only totally rocking it, but finding a combo that made those buttons pop in the perfect way.

So now that we've established that you need both of those... ;)

Let's move on to this pretty little neutral sheer top that you can dress up, wear to work, or take out for lunch.

Matilda Jane Light The Way Top

I'm wearing it with an MJ oldie (the Feeling Free Tank) underneath. It has bright coral stitching detail down the front pleats, and little coral buttons to match. It's light and airy and layers with anything you want - perfect for a springy day.

I'm wearing a medium, and I'd say it's true to size (I'd like a small for me, I think.) Grab yours here -> Matilda Jane Light The Way Top

Next on the list is a flowy floral dress with a soft and silky feel. This came to me in a large, so I pinned-pinned-pinned, belted, and also stuck the new grey After the Rain Dress Extender on under it to get this look.

Matilda Jane In Full Bloom Dress

See the little grey lace peeking out? So cute. There's also Dress Pockets on this one! My favorite part, though, is that it coordinates with one of the girls dresses perfectly, and makes an awesome mother-daughter set! Here's my sister and niece wearing the set together:

Matilda Jane Mother Daughter Matching Set Spring 2017 Matilda Jane Tag You're It Dress

Go ahead and awww, I'll wait. ;)

Grab the Mama dress here -> Matilda Jane In Full Bloom Dress
Grab the Daughter dress here -> Matilda Jane Tag You're It Dress

Last but not least, from the women's line.....pajamas! Yep...jammies for us. And what you MUST know about these pj's, is that they are maybe the softest, silkiest things I've ever considered sleeping in.

Matilda Jane Dandelion Dreams Pajama Bottom Matilda Jane Drifting Away Pajama Top

The pants are a tricky fit - tall girls, you will love them. These are mediums on me, and I felt like the waist was a little snug, and the length went on for miles and miles. I worked to poke my piggies out from under the little ruffle hem - these puppies are long! I actually really love the top on it's own, as a cute little summery babydoll pajama. And probably the most comfortable one there ever was!

By all means, though - get them both and sleep in silky smoothness :)

Get the top here -> Matilda Jane Drifting Away Pajama Top

Get the bottoms here -> Matilda Jane Dandelion Dreams Pajama Top

Before I let you go to shop like the wind, here's a handful of my favs from the girls and tween line.

Matilda Jane Butterfly Kisses Tunic

Butterfly Kisses Tunic
(model is wearing a 4)

Matilda Jane Around the Block Hoodie

Around the Block Hoodie
(model is wearing a 10)

Matilda Jane Fairy Garden Frenchie and Matilda Jane Grow Freely Bennys

Fairy Garden Frenchie
(model is wearing a 4, runs small)

Grow Freely Bennys
(model is wearing a 2, needs a 4!)

Matilda Jane One Moment Knot Top

One Moment Knot Top
(model is wearing a 4)

Matilda Jane Treehouse Skirt and Matilda Jane Starting Line Leggings

Treehouse Skirt
(model is wearing a 10)

Starting Line Leggings
(model is wearing a 10)

Okay, tell me - - what are your favorites? What are you looooving?

If you spotted something you have to have, I'd love to have you (virtually) for my Launch Party Open House! It's already happening on Facebook, right on my Trunk Keeper Page!

Visit to shop and play! Hope to see you there!!

PS - you can get this HUGE, springy weekender bag for only $30 if you spend $175, OR you can host a Trunk Show (in person or online) and get it for free! Check out the details on my FB page.

February Weekender Bag Promo

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