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May Jane Parade of The Adventure Begins! (Release 4)

Matilda Jane's Spring 2017 May Release | Women and Tween IRL pics on www.enrychment.com Summer has come to Matilda Jane, and loves...it's gorgeous. I have more favorites than money, sighh. Isn't that always how it goes :)

So let's jump in and see what May brings us, yes?

First up, this beauty of a tank:

Matilda Jane As A Rose Tank

When I saw this pretty fabric in the catalog, my heart skipped a beat. A bright floral on a blue background makes my world go 'round! It is so flowy, bright, and flattering, and I love it with jeans and shorts alike.

MJC Women's floral tank MJ women tank Blue Floral Tank Top

So, so pretty! I love it, and I love how it feels on...it's so soft and girly. This runs true to size with just enough to be legging-friendly, but not so much fabric that you drown in it. It's lovely and flattering on. Find it here: As A Rose Tank

My next favorite is actually a tween top (love those tween tops!) - I love the color and the style of this so much! Plus the sheer top panel, and the little cut out in the back - fav!

Matilda Jane Pogo Tank MJ Tween Pink Peplum top

SO cute, right? I'm wearing the sample size 12 in this picture and it's too small...I'm not sure if I'd do a 14 or 16, but this is for sure on my list! Find it here: Pogo Tank

Next up is a beautiful, bright blue, cozy, summer-perfect dress. It is nice and light without being sheer, so you feel totally comfortable with just a hint of dressiness. I LOVE this one!

Matilda Jane Into The Blue Dress

Isn't the color gorgeous? I looove that blue. This sample was a medium that I was trying to pin in the back, but it didn't stay very well. So it's a little more fitted when it is actually your size, but still has a lot of flow and airy-ness to it. Find it here: Into The Blue Dress

Let's keep talking dresses, shall we?

This little cutie is so adorable with some pearls! It's a slightly stretchy modal-spandex blend that makes it soft and smooth and cozy. It looks super adorable and dressy without having to do much work!

Matilda Jane Dot Your I's Dress MJC Women's Green Polka Dot Dress

It's a crowd favorite with ladies of all ages - I've heard so many "that's so cute!"'s! It runs true to size - I'm in a small in the pictures. Find it here: Dot Your I's Dress

The last dress from this release is a pretty, pinky maxi dress that I think a lot of people will adore!

Matilda Jane Perfectly Paisley Maxi

A couple things to know about this maxi:
1. it runs small - like enough that I'd tell you to size up if you order (this is a medium on me, and it fits well)
2. it doesn't run as long as the other maxis from this season so far, if the other two have been too long for you, this one won't be
3. it ties in the back
4. the pockets have an interesting pleat that makes the dress lie kind of uniquely
5. the pink prints you see in the trimming match the peplum tank I showed you, so you can coordinate if you want to!

Find it here: Perfectly Paisley Maxi

That's it for the dresses for May, but they knocked it out of the park this month, didn't they? They're all winners if you ask me!

Back to the tops....here's a tank with an interesting twist to it:

Matilda Jane Open Orchard Top MJC women's tank sheer back

The layered sheer back panel slowly becomes a little ruffle hem - love that! This is a small, and I'd say it runs true to size with a little generosity. Find it here: Open Orchard Top

So, okay, it's a little ridiculous that I jammed myself into this next tween top, because my sample is an 8, but I wanted to see what it was like on and whether I'd like it with jeans or what. So keep in mind that I'd probably size up like 3 times on this one. ;)

Matilda Jane Night Blooms Tank

It has a cute, flattering shape to it though, and lots of interesting pattern mixing (there's polka dots on the back panels) so I give it a thumbs up. Find it here: Night Blooms Tank

Okay, are you ready to get REAL summery up in here? 'Cause that's what I've got left to show you.

This little top is so-so-so cute, and girly-sweet for summer if you like to really go full on summer bbq style. I felt so girly in this one...and maybe like 10 years younger? (ha)

Bonus: want to match whatever dish you bring to the bbq? Our promo this month is an adorable cooler (perfect for picnics, bbqs, beach days, theme parks, soccer games, and everywhere else you need to keep some cool water nearby) and it matches this top exactly.

Matilda Jane On My Mind Top Matilda Jane Cooler Promo and matching shirt

I mean, Memorial Day here we come, right? ;) Find it here: On My Mind Top

Aaaaand last but not least, for this summery release....the women's bathing suit cover up. Which, may I add, looks awesome as a layered top with a cami and some jeans and booties, or shorts and flip flops.

Matilda Jane Capeside Cover Up MJ Cover Up MJC bathing suit cover up

I don't know why I love this thing so much but I doooo! The one I have is a medium, and I might (?) be more comfortable in a small, but I kind of like the baggier, bigger look on this one. So, I'm not sure what size I'll end up with but the good news is that you can kinda size this one for however you'd most like to wear it, and look killlllerrrrr by the pool!

Find it here: Capeside Cover-Up

Finally, there are some adoooorable home and accessory items this month, too. Like this water bottle, that matches the promo cooler:

Matilda Jane May Cooler and water bottle

There's three other water bottles, too and they're all sooooo cuuuute.

Matilda Jane Water Bottles

The two on the left are my favs!

Can you see the beach towel in the background? You guys, it's gorgeous. I am a wild fan of color and florals, so it's of course speaking MY love language. It's similar to the pattern on the far left water bottle, and the back of the towel is a pretty, soft purple.

The Adventure Begins Beach Towel

I am so crazyyy about it!

There's also a big pouch that matches the promo from April. It's bigger than the other two pouches that came with the tote and could totally fit an ipad (and keep it safe since it's lined with water resistant fabric!) It matches the women's cover up, so it's a perfect pool-side set!

Matilda Jane Holding It Together Pouch

I am overwhelmed with the amount of love I have for May ;)

Just look at all of this colorful goodness together....I could stare at this allllllll day.

Matilda Jane Home Items

Okay, one last thing before I stop shoving all the MJC in your faces.

I'm offering a little extra bonus to my customers this month, so if you want IN hop on my TK newsletter so you can get the info! xo

Aaand as always, let me know if I can help you get any of this goodness into your closets! xo

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