Wednesday, September 20, 2017

My Boys' Favorite Books Vol. 1

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My boys' favorite books

Matt and I are pretty serious readers, and it is such a hope of mine that our boys will grow up to be as well. We read together, take frequent library trips, shop class book orders, and the boys love their school library as well (where I also love to volunteer!)

The kids usually get pretty attached to a few books here and there (Luke had a pretty solid run with Whiffle Squeak*, and Henry was obsessed with How Many Jelly Beans for months.)

*yes, it seriously is that's old and incredibly hard to find. We got wildly lucky the Christmas he was obsessed with it, and found a pretty beat up (but still functional) retired library copy for a reasonable price.

The kids have each been pretty crazy about a few titles lately, so I thought it would be fun to not only share them, but to post often about our favorite kids books. They are all at different reading levels, but not worlds apart - so we should have options for each type of reader, as well as family favorites.

I LOVE children's literature and YA, so I'm excited about sharing it with you! I like reading these as much as the kids do!!

Here's what they're digging right now.

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Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder

Lukas' Pick
I think just reading the title of this one can probably give it away...haha. Boys and potty humor - it never gets old. This keeps his attention both because of the silly humor, and the adventure in the story line. He has to read at least 20 minutes a night for school, and sometimes he keeps going well after his 20 minutes because he wants to know what happens next! Find it HERE.

The Book With No Pictures

Henry's Pick
All three of my boys would put this book at the top of their list, but Henry is the one who is most entertained by silly words, and he most often asks to read this one again and again. (And again.) It is full of nonsense and fun, and we are all big fans! (And we also love it that Ryan from The Office wrote this one!) Find it HERE.

Eli, No!

Jakob's Pick
Jake is really crazy about animals, and he has an especially close relationship with our dog, Galli. The brown dog on the cover is exactly what drew him to this book in the first place! He is so crazy about following Eli through his story that he's already memorized this book. My favorite parts? Jake says "Eline" instead of "Eli" (Where's my Eline book?)'s hard to correct those little slip ups! And also, the very last page teaches a lesson in unconditional love, and simple and silly as it even chokes me up sometimes! Find it HERE.

Happy Reading!

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