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Fall Style with Matilda Jane's Make Believe | Sept + Oct Releases

Matilda Jane's Make Believe Fall Season - September and October Women's Pieces | Hello, October and your beautiful cozy clothes!

I don't know about you, but for me September was wild, and busy, and unseasonably hot, and because of that I totally bypassed Matilda Jane's Sept release! At least, sharing it here on my blog, anyway.

So I decided to do a joint September & October fall Jane Parade post of everything that's come out over the past two releases!

There are a lot of beautiful women's pieces right now, PLUS we have three different exclusive items this month!

- -

I usually start with the piece that's either my favorite, or that I think will sell out the fastest, but October's release is all about the pajamas (there's a whole PAGE of girls pj's in the lookbook this month!), so I'm going to start there. First up? The robe of all robes.

Matilda Jane Women's BathrobeBreakfast In Bed Robe

You guys. You don't even know. You don't even knooooow! Never mind that it has these beautiful blue roses all over it (I'm having a blue moment right now), this is the softest thing I've ever worn. EVER. My youngest saw this on the rack and said, "Mom I really like your intilda jame blanket." Why yes he does say Matilda Jane adorably, but what he was right about is that it's basically a big, gorgeous, fluffy blanket.

The one in the picture is a large, and though this isn't the size I would normally pick for myself, I might just hang onto it....I don't mind the fact that it's extra roomy - it makes it feel even more like a blanket.

It's called the Breakfast In Bed Robe, and I'm wearing it with the A New Idea Sandy Pants.

Next up in women's pj's is this Catch a Dream Pajama Top! If you've never given MJ pajamas a chance before, you haaave to! They are the softest, most comfortable jammies ever made. I kinda love this top with the blue sandys, but they have a matching ruffle bottom as well.

Matilda Jane Pj TopMJ Catch A Dream Pajama Top

I love that it's kind of borderline holiday festive without being limited to wearing it around the holidays (same with the pants.) SO cozy! I held the pants up so you could see what it looks like together, but my sample came in a size that looked ridiculous on me, so this is all I could do! They are called the Sweet Slumber Pajama Bottoms.

Matilda Jane Sweet Slumber Pajama BottomsMatilda Jane At The Lodge Duffle Bag

This seemed like a great time to tell you about our overnight bag, too, since it's perfect for cozy weekend getaways. This thing is BEAUTIFUL, and ONLY $30! The catch is that you have to be a Jane in order to purchase it!! So if you host a qualifying show in October, you can snag that beauty on the cheap! If you're not local, that's okay - we can do a virtual show on Facebook! If you want in, just shoot me a quick email to Jenn at enrychment dot com and I'll tell you all the details.

My favorite part of the bag is the interior fabric:

MJ Jane Exclusive Overnight Bag

Birch trees + cardinals! Love!!

This next top is so comfy, it might as well be pajamas. I love how it looks both as an everyday top with style, and as a cozy, playful, running around with the kids outfit. It's perfect!!

Matilda Jane pink striped topMJ No Imitations Top

It's called the No Imitations Top, and if you were a fan of the Kettle Tee last fall - it's exactly the same in cut and fabric. It runs a little more TTS, though (kettle tee was big). I'm wearing a small in the above pictures, and I'm planning to keep it.

Next up is an October top that was a surprising favorite. The cut is super cute and playful, but the colors in the pattern are super fun to layer and accessorize with.

Matilda Jane colorful green topMJ Evergreen TopMJ women's green Anna shirt

These are just a few of the ways I played with, but I need to break out some of my bubble necklaces and many possibilities! It's called the Evergreen Top, and it fits fairly TTS with a little bit of generosity.

The last October top is the Through Generations Top, and I'm pretty crazy about both this shade of green and the peplum style. My sample was very-very pinned (it was 4 sizes too big..maybe 5), so the sleeves are not a good example in these pictures - I'm not sure how they are meant to fit.

Matilda Jane green peplum topMJ Through Generations Top

Okay, I lied...there's one more top from October. It's just from the tween line (and ya know me and the tween line!)

Matilda Jane polka dot denim shirtMJ From The Heart Top

So cute, right? It's called the From The Heart Top, and it's a perfect fall layering top. I have the 14 on in the photos, and though it fit I feel like I'd rather have the was just a touch snug in the arms and chest.

September had a couple of slam dunks with their tops! I already shared this one, the Character Top (I cannot believe it's not sold out yet!!) but I paired it with the Mind's Eye Vest yesterday to make it extra fallish.

Matilda Jane red clairvoyant tunicMJ Character Top and Mind's Eye Vest

September also had an amazing two-for-one top called the From Within Tee - it's part cami, part long sleeved top. Together, they look super cute, but they stand alone perfectly, too. I'd gotten this in a small, and the cami is really too big, but the top is perfect so...I'm dealing with it. I think the consensus was to size down, but it was more important to me for the long sleeved part to fit well.

Matilda Jane shirt with extenderMJ From Within TeeFrom Within Tee cami and Run-Through Vest

The cami part looks cute with the Run-Through Vest, too - the polka dots are the same orange.

September's final top is this lacy peasant top - the Sew Perfect Top.

MJ sew perfect top

In September, we released a gorgeous blue floral dress with a tank style liner and a sheer overlay. It is such a beauty!! I layered mine with the blue sandy's, booties, and a leather cord necklace today and totally loved it!

Matilda Jane blue floral dressMJ To The Nines Dress

It's called the To the Nines Dress, and it is wonderful for virtually any season!

This month, there's another blue dress of a totally different style - it's a great solid to coordinate with the younger lines, and to layer and accessorize with. I left those 'ol blue sandys on again because I could tell they'd match perfectly, and I wanted to see how it would layer for fall.

MJ Hold the Key DressMJ Fall Breeze Jacket

And because of my crazy blue phase, I thought I'd throw the jacket on, too. When I first had it all on I laughed at all the blue but....I kind of dig it! The dress is the Hold the Key Dress, and the coat is the Fall Breeze Jacket.

Here's what the jacket looks like clothes - soo cute!

Matilda Jane blue striped Ida jacket

I have an older generation version of this coat, and not only is adorable, I get compliments on it every.single.time. I wear it. So if you want a show stopper - this is it!

Oh, so - one little note before I get to the last (maybe the best??) fall piece from these past two releases. MJ now has a zippered legging, with a closure and back pockets similar to a pair of jeans. I ordered them in my size, but they aren't here yet...and my sample is 3 sizes too big. You can't pin pants the same way, Go pop on over and see them if you're interested!

Okay....last but certainly not least!!

The Envision This Sweater.

I'm going to show you this baby in a bunch of ways, because it's got a lot of versatility. Cozy up in it at home with some leggings and an out of this world cozy lounge top.

Matilda Jane blue knit sweaterMJ envision this sweater

Wear it casually with a striped top and your favorite fall footwear.

cozy knit sweater for winterstriped shirt with a sweater

And, did you know, it has the swoopy side-button closure that our wildly popular cardi from the spring season had? Plus, pockets that have a cute little fringe detail.

Matilda Jane side button cardicozy Matilda Jane sweater for fall

This is a heavier knit, and perfect for both now and the super-duper cold months. There's a lot of knit here - like a big cozy blanket - but it's cut a little short in the back. I'm already a habitual size-upper when it comes to things like sweaters and hoodies, but I'd especially recommend it with this one so the back isn't too short.

Finally, our promotion this month is a choice of two adorable sleeping bags that I will have to come back and sneak in a picture of - it's still dark here, and I don't have any photos yet! One is the floral from the bathrobe, and the other is Christmas themed. Both have ruffles and adorable details, and are $30 with a $175 purchase! Also? You get free shipping on promo orders this month! YAY!

Phew! A lot - I know! Two months of adorable fall much to love.

That said, here's today's letterboard...

31 days of letterboards

Haha...better get some MJ in your closet! ;)

+ Tell me your favorite pieces in the comments for a chance to win an MJ accessory!!

Have a beautiful (stylish) week! xo

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