Friday, November 3, 2017

Make Believe's Nov Jane Parade

It's November - whoo hoooo!

I have to warn you - this is going to be a bit like the Target seasonal department, where the Halloween clearance is sitting haphazardly next to the awaiting Christmas lights and boxes of artificial trees waiting to be put up.

(And I would know, because I'm usually there on Nov 1st scooping up discounts and getting giddy about Christmas. I totally was.)

Matilda Jane Make Believe November Holiday Release Jane Parade

With Halloween behind us, I'm soooo excited to share Matilda Jane's holiday-filled November release with you! It's good enough to be shared this early - especially you, women. They knocked it out of the park this month for us, and you're gonna want to scoop it up QUICK!

Let's get into it, shall we?

I have to share this one with you first both because it's gorgeous, and because it's selling out FAST! There are only two sizes with good stock left, so if you love it....act quickly!!!

Matilda Jane plaid jacket

So gorgeous, right? This is the Check It Twice Jacket, and it's amazing with its gorgeous plaid and super-soft and cozy details. It ties closed, and is roomy in the body but NOTE - the sleeves are quite tight and the back is a bit snug, too. Size up AT LEAST once in this...maybe twice if you want more layering room!

Next I want to show you what *I* chose to be my Christmas outfit this year...the My Miracle Sweater!

Matilda Jane christmas sweaterchristmassweater2

MJC green and read sweaterback of matilda jane my miracle sweater

It's got the perfect, sort of retro/vintage red & green of Christmas, with lots of coziness, and MJ-style uniqueness on the back. So great, isn't it?? I like it with both jeans and our new glittery leggings!! It runs TTS, but it's intentionally a little long. Oh and - it's low in XS inventory so if that's you, grab yours!!

One of my favorite things from this release is this simple, neutral jacket with its MJ-special ruffle!

matilda jane black mallowcreme jacketMJC All Is Calm Jacket

It's called the All Is Calm Jacket, and if you've been an MJ fan for a while now, you might recognize it as a black version of the Mallowcreme Jacket from Happy & Free. It's exactly like it!! Only a perfect, classy neutral! It's super cozy and flattering, and I HIGHLY recommend this to everyone!!! This is totally not a seasonal piece!

My next favorite piece is definitely the glitter leggings, but I paired them with so much already I'm going to skip to the next thing - a dress from the tween line! That I like to fit as more of a long tunic with those awesome leggings!

Matilda Jane blue tween holiday dress

This is the Jingle Jangle Dress, and it's selling out quick (it's low in 8, 12 & 16.) It coordinates really well with a couple of the girls and baby pieces, so it's a great one for a bigger sister or a mommy match! So cute, right? It's ridiculously comfortable, and it feels similar to the Character Top with that tulle-like overlay. I LOVE this one!!

Speaking of tween pieces, I'm obsessed with these two, also:

Matilda Jane tween sweaterMJ green tween holiday top

The sweater on the left is the Sleigh All Day Sweater (best name ever), and the top is the Tis the Season Top. And you better not laugh at me for that one, because it's like 3 sizes too small lol! But I really like it and wanted to see it on! I'd get a 16 in both of these. The back on the sweater is a little cropped, but this sample is a 12 so I'm sure it would be a little more fitting in a 16.

Okay, back to Women's, where I suppose I belong...haha

MJ Mistletoe Top

This top's pattern isn't my favorite, but the cut is super flattering, and it matches so so well with a couple girls and baby pieces for the holidays. It's also a really silky, fancy feeling fabric! This is the Mistletoe Magic Tunic and it's low in XS but holding out in other sizes so far!

There's also this top...

Matilda Jane white holiday top

It's the Snow Globe Tunic, and it's a sweet little swiss-dot style top that will compliment all kinds of holiday outfits but also be a great neutral in your closet year-round!

Now it's time for some Holiday dresses!

MJC holiday shirt dress

This shirt dress is called the Coming To Town Dress, and the fabric is gorgeous in person! It's grey, red and green, with a gold thread weaving through the plaid. Some women are wearing this open as a tunic with a tee underneath, too! I paired mine with our glitter leggings (okay they're actually called the Skating Away Sandy Pants), a scarf, and a fun headband! By the way - this is 2 sizes too big for me, so it will not look this baggy in your size!!

This next dress is a great classy option - think office holiday party??

Matilda Jane grey and red holiday dressMJ Twas the night dress

It's great as-is if you're living in a warmer climate....I am not! haha So I paired mine with the glitter leggings, and the Dark As Night Sweater that MJ had in last Fall's collection. You can probably grab one on the next Good Luck Trunk, which I think will be around Black Friday!

Anyway, this is called the T'was the Night Dress, and the tulle overlay is the funnest part! The upper tank part of the dress is soft and cozy, too!

Okay, now....this was me pulling all the red green and white out of my closet to see what went with this collection, and also pairing ALLTHETHINGS with those good 'ol glitter leggings. So some of these pieces are no longer available, but MIGHT make an appearance at the next Good Luck Trunk (which, as I've mentioned, is rumored to pop up around Black Friday!) So there's a chance!!

Matilda Jane Christmas OutfitMJ Christmas dressDot Your Is Dress for Christmas

These holiday outfits are a combo of the Skating Away Sandy Pant, the Dot Your I's Dress, and cardis. The buffalo check one is from Target 2 years ago, and the other is MJ's Clotted Cream Sweater. I'm betting you'll be able to spot both the dress & cardi on GLT! Cute, though, right??

Finally, before I go - the holiday home stuff does not come with my trunk. So the only things I got for me, were this off the chain adorable stocking to decorate my office with:

MJC floral stocking

It's the Better To Give Stocking, and it's one of four styles. The other three are more traditionally Christmasy.

And I also got the ornament set, which will be a perfect hostess gift or three little gift add-ons this season!

Matilda Jane christmas ornaments

It's all SO good, isn't it?? And you haven't even seen the girls and baby stuff!!! Hop over to my FB page to see all those beauties - my two best little customers did an amaaaazing job modeling all of that for me! :)

Don't miss a second of this holiday season with MJ! Follow me on Facebook, and I'll keep you up to date on all of the sales and specials, inventory reports, and outfit combinations! Either visit or click on the picture below!

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