Friday, December 1, 2017

Cozy Town Jane Parade!

Heyyyy it's release day! Cozy Town has arrived to cap off the Make Believe season (geez that was fast, wasn't it?)

It's as cozy as the name suggests. And though there are only a few pieces for women this time around, they fit in perfectly with the collections that came before them and promise lots of cuddly days this winter. Before I dive in, I sometimes get asked what my stats are so people can tell how each of these fit me, so here's that: I'm 5'5" and typically wear a 4/6 or a small. Hopefully that helps you determine what to order!

SO! My favorite-favorite piece from this release is the Be Present Hoodie!

Matilda Jane Be Present Hoodie       MJC Women's Blue Hoodie

This beauty has a simple design, but with a little built in girly flair. It's not a super-heavy hoodie, but it's lined with a silky faux fur that makes it ridiculously cozy and warm! It's a gorgeous darker blue with pink & yellow stitching and accents that tie into other pieces from this collection, as well as previous releases. I LOVE it!! I'm wearing the Medium above and I'm happy with it...I'd probably be fine with the small as well, but this one has a little bit more length and cuddle to it!

Next on my list of faves is the Starstruck Tee.

Matilda Jane Starstruck Tee

It's a simple top, but it is wildly comfortable and flattering! It's got that silky, smooth softness of MJ's best tops, with just a little bounce in the material. The pattern has various shades of grey, and has a button on the lower arm that allows the sleeves to cuff with a yellow strap sewn inside the sleeve. It matches the yellow around the collar of the shirt perfectly. The one above is a small, and it fits TTS!

How about a cozy dress??

Matilda Jane New Resolution Dress        MJ Women's Near Years Dress

The New Resolution Dress is super comfortable and soft, and has a simple but flattering cut that will work on just about anyone! I love it on its own with boots, and with pants. The size I had to try on was at least 2 sizes too big (it's a Large), so I think it's longer on me than it would be in my size (I pinned it to fit more accurately width-wise for the pictures.)

The last new women's piece is another top, called the Weekend Vibes Top.

Matilda Jane Weekend Vibes Top        MJ Women's ruffle top

I love the yellow fabric on this one - it's a thicker, quality material that feels so great on! There's a really nice zipper on the back of this one, too. My sample was a size too big (Medium), so the ruffles don't lie on me quite as well as I think they would in my own size, but the colors and patterns are so pretty!

And believe it or not....that's it!!

It's a small collection, but it's a cute one!

Before I go, here's a couple of previous release matches that I'm a big fan of! The Starstruck Tee looks GREAT with our sparkle leggings (Skating Away Sandys), and I love the hoodie with our blue leggings (A New Idea Sandys).

MJ Starstruck Tee with Sparkle Leggings Skating Away Sandys       MJ blue be present hoodie with blue new idea sandys

Be sure to check out the girls, baby, and other fun pieces that come along with this release on my Facebook page! It's also the place to keep up to date on upcoming sales, deals, promos, and more!!

Happy Shopping!! xo

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