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MJC + Joanna Gaines Jane Parade!

You. Guys. I usually write my Jane Parade posts a few days before it's actually live, but life has been so busy lately that this is coming to you in real time. Which means....I have been awake since 3:05am and deep in the trenches of Black Friday-level Joanna Gaines madness!

Our releases land at 3am, and by 4am...many pieces were gone! I was SHOCKED! And frantically trying to close a show for a Jane before her entire wishlist disappeared! It was crazy, and I'm so sorry to report that some key pieces are either completely gone or on an extended back order!

So let's get those sellouts out of the way real quick. The first was this highly anticipated jumpsuit! I knew this one would sell out, but before sunrise?! Crazy.

Matilda Jane Joanna Gaines Jumpsuit

It's one of the most comfortable things I've ever, ever worn - silky, soft, and flowy. It's pretty tts, but suuuuper long. Which is great for tall girls, not so great for short ones :) Without shoes it's crazy, but with wedges I like the length! I'm wearing the small above.

matilda jane women's navy shorts

The other women's sell-out was the shorts! I had no idea these were going to fly the way they did!! They are super comfy and flowy and the coordinate great with pieces from the girls and baby line. The navy works well with the boys line, too (YES, BOYS line!!) They are pretty tts with a generousness to them - I'm wearing a small above.

I'm so sorry that they're not available!!! If I were you, though, I'd keep watching our site for reloads - particularly on Monday, once the weekend trunk shows have settled and some exchanges have happened. You never know!!

One of my very favorite pieces from this release is this dress..

matilda jane green joanna gaines dress

I've always loved this MJ style, but this green is so fabulous and gorgeous, and the material is feather light. It's so airy and sweet for summer, and I cannot wait to take this beauty out for a date night! It's a flexible tts, and I ended up going with my smaller size for a more secure fit in the chest/ribs. So I'm wearing the XS above and prefer it, but could have made a S work as well. Find it here: Grass Roots Dress

Next up is this super sweet cardi.

MJC yellow cardigan JG

I really love MJ sweaters, and this is a great one for summer layering. It's super light and breezy with a generous flowy fit and a color that brightens up any outfit in the warmer months. I'm wearing the S above, but I have an XS on order to see which one I like better - I think this looks fine open, but buttoned it's quite large. So choose whichever fit you prefer! Find it here: Last Straw Cardigan

There's one more top from the women's line this month.

MJ Joanna Gaines Stripe Top

It's a super lightweight and flowy summer top that runs very large! I'm wearing the small and have it pinned quite a bit, so not only would I need the XS (but it's already sold out!!), it would still be big. It's intentionally flowy, but just keep that in mind when deciding on your fit! Find it here: With The Grain Top 

And finally, one last women's piece this month:

Matilda Jane white Joanna Gaines Dress

When I had this dress on it made me think of a summer wedding! Like something a bride would wear to a shower or a rehearsal dinner!! It's sweet and summery, but also very light and airy - perfect for hot and sunny summer events! I'm wearing the large here and I have it pinned a lot....I think it would be quite a bit shorter than this in my normal size. Find it here: Sweet As Sugar Dress

I really love this tween tank...

MJ JG striped tween tank rope straps

It's incredibly soft and silky (almost like the material MJ typically uses on PJ pieces), but it has a super cool strap detail to it. It's super comfy and easy to wear! I'm wearing the 14 above and it's perfect! Find it here: Garden Variety Tank

Finally, here's the tween dress that everyone has been excited about!

matilda jane denim tween dress joanna gaines

It's super-super cute, but the frilly straps are maybe a bit youthful for me. If it had a plain or spaghetti strap on it, I'd have it for sure! I'm wearing the 14 above, and it's a bit tight in the chest/ribs but otherwise great. If you are even a little busty, I would recommend getting the 16 if you can! Find it here: Barn Dance Tonight Dress

I normally stop my Jane parades here...with the women's pieces and whatever tween line items I can get my adult body into (lol)....but since this month is a historical one for MJ (being the first ever release to have official Matilda Jane boys items), I thought I'd share some boys photos!

I was SO excited to get my boys in these beautiful pieces and to see their excitement over getting to be a part of mom's job! They were super sweet photo subjects, and they excitedly picked out their favorite pieces to be ordered. (We may have gotten 3 of almost everything, haha!) My middle guy was really bummed that none of my samples came in his size, so he's missing from these photos...but don't worry! He had the biggest order of the bunch! :)

Here's my cuties (and their Daddy!) sporting their MJC!!!

matilda jane clothing men and boys

mjc joanna gaines gents

matilda jane gents

matilda jane boys hoodie

mjc joanna gaines hoodie

Most of the boys pieces are already on the "second chance" backorder which will ship sometime around September 1st. They were THAT popular!! The hoodie still has some inventory for June shipments, so that you could probably grab - as well as bigger sizes in both the horse shorts and the striped shorts. (But note that the striped shorts run really big!! My 9 year old got a size 6, my 6 year old got a size 4, and my big 4 year old got a size 2!)

For lots more pictures, inventory updates, details, and fun - join me in my VIP group on Facebook! Or skip to the shopping right now and click HERE!!

Happy Release Day!!!!

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