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Matilda Jane March Jane Parade!

Matilda Jane's Brilliant Daydream March Release Women's Pieces | #matildajane #mjc
It's hard to believe it's already time for another MJ release!! Thankfully new MJ isn't the only thing March is bringing us...I am READY for some sunshine!!! I'm sure I'm not alone ;)

For now, let's talk super cute clothes, shall we?

Matilda Jane's Brilliant Daydream March Women's pieces |

Hands down, my favorite piece is this new maxi.

mjc floral tank maxi dream weaver maxi dress

It's a flowy, comfy, stretchy dream of a dress with a sweet cut out neckline in back and a flattering tie at the empire waistline. I pinned the sample for pictures, but with just using the tie and a single pin at the top, this XL didn't seem all that big! So that said, I would assume this runs a little bit on the small side. At the very least, if you're between sizes, I'd say go with the bigger one. I'm ordering mine in a small! And I can't wait to take it on vacation!!

Next is this super sweet yellow dress from the sneaks last week.

mjc women's yellow dress fantasy fancy dress

This warm vintagey print isn't usually my style, but the cut of the dress is SO flattering! I was really surprised by how much I liked this beauty!! I would say size down in this one as well, though. I'm wearing the small, and the top part of the dress is verrrry loose (and I have a chest to fill it out, so it's not that!) While I like the fit everywhere else, the top is quite large, so I would get the XS in this one. My TK said that a simple tacking at the shoulders would fix the small for me, too, if you're the tailoring type!

Next up is a remake of last year's Navigate You Tee, and it's got you covered for St Patrick's Day!

mjc sugar sugar tunic spring to mind sweater green cardigan

The design is nearly identical (long, tunic length, ruffled sleeve, a little roomy), but it's a white shirt with a thin green stripe. I'm wearing the small, and it's roomy, but I think I like it at this size. I do think this fabric is maybe slightly less stretchy than last year's grey one, so I like the extra wiggle room. And then, of course, I paired it with the new cardigan, and while you can see it in the sleeves, I was shocked that this XL sample didn't seem very big! So I'm guessing that this is running pretty small, and I would probably get the medium for myself.

You can't go wrong with a clairvoyant, and MJ made a short-sleeved one this spring!

mjc short sleeved clarivoyant walking on a cloud top

This is a pinned sample (it was either L or XL, I can't remember for sure), but it seemed to run like all of the other clairvoyant styles, and it was just as comfy and effortless to wear! So I'd probably order the small for myself. The pattern matches the flip flops, too, so if you grab those to go with your swim wear, they'll match this top also!

(PS, I didn't get them on because they were too small, but the flip flops seemed to be lacking in height though maybe typical in length, so I would recommend sizing up.)

Next is a sweet little dress!

mjc navy tank dress swing time dress

I love the style and the full skirt on this one, but the sizing was a little confusing for me. I'm wearing a small, and the top was very, very roomy - unwearably roomy. Yet, the elastic waist is quite strong and snug. So while I would need the XS for the top, I'm nervous that the waistband would be too tight. I was also a little confused on where exactly the waistline should lie (I pulled it up a bit and then folded the top over, which looked cute, but definitely shortened the hemline). I think this one would be adorable with some cowgirl boots and a cute jacket, but I'm not entirely sure on the sizing on this one for myself. I felt like it was all over the place, so just take note when you're ordering!

There was one more dress, and this one....was super fun to wear.

mjc long green dress age of aquarius dress

This has a really flirty, flowy design that just made it fun to have on! I have a pinned L or XL here, not quite sure which it was, so the arms look more flowy on me than they will in the correct size. There's no give in the fabric, so I think I would go with the small for myself.

Okay, swimwear...I know everyone has questions!

mjc blue bathing suit coverup sandy seashell cover up

First, forgive the photo because I swear....I just could not get this cover up to take a good photo!! It's cute, but very big (I'm wearing the small here and I'm not sure if even the XS would work well), so it looks ridiculously bulky. I have the women's one piece suit on under it, and I'm sorry...I could not release a photo of it to the internet! lol We had issues! haha

SO. I was wearing the small in the suit, and unsurprisingly I'd need the medium (I bought last year's swim in medium also). This has kind of a short torso to it, which makes the halter feel uncomfortably tight even if you loosen it up. You can't loosen it too much, though, or your chest will fall out. There's little to no chest coverage if you're anything over an A cup. It's kind of obscene, really lol. However, that said, it is ADORABLE, and I think a lot of the problems would be solved in the medium. So go up a size in the one piece!

For the 2 piece - no, there's no matching bottom to the tank. MJ likes to mix and match patterns, and they were hoping to get away with just the one bottom, I think. I like the style of the bottoms, but the difference in the patterns was just a bit much for me.  The mismatch is cute on littles...not so much on an adult woman - in my opinion. I didn't even try it on because of that, and in hindsight I should have for sizing purposes. Just guessing, really, but I would still probably suggest going a size up in the tank as well if you need a B cup or larger.

One more top for you, and it's a millie.

mjc grey millie top thinking outloud top

I really liked this floral-on-grey pattern, though the sample was a pinned XL so the style isn't accurate. It's a super easy-to-wear top for spring though, I really liked it. The fabric doesn't have any give, so I'd suggest your larger size (I'd go with the small myself).

Finally - the promo!!

matilda jane march promo beach blanket and tote

The colors in this set are SO gorgeous! You get both pieces at the promo price - the circular beach towel (which is pretty large!) and the coordinating tote. The tote is terrycloth on the outside, but lined on the inside with a couple of handy pockets. You get both for $30 when you spend $175.

matilda jane march promo inside bag

And that's it!!! The tween pieces didn't come in sizes I could really wiggle into, but I REALLY like the grey tee! I looked it over and I think I'd probably get the 16. It's super cute in person!

Anyway, let me know what your favorite piece is this month, and if you have any questions I didn't get to answer! You can find everything on this post (plus LOTS more, including tons of easter options for your little ladies) right HERE, and I'd love it if you choose me as your Jane at checkout! <3

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