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Summer Books I'm Excited About

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15 Summery Books I Can't Wait to Read! | www.enrychment.com Summer is a particularly bookish time of year for me. Both because read-a-thons are a-plenty, and because we have the gift of long, slow, toasty days and I love to fill them with books. There's nothing I love more than a book in the morning sunshine, or under a tree in my hammock, in front of a fan in the mid-day heat, in the evening in bed with a warm evening breeze from the window washing over me...all of it and then some.

2019 Summer TBR list

A LOT of books have been catching my eye lately, and I'm hoping to be rather ambitious and tackle somewhere in the ballpark of 15 - 20 books this Summer. Maaaybe a bit difficult considering our heaps of plans, but within the realm of possibility. We shall see!

These are the 15 I'm particularly excited about!

YA Summer Books to Read This Year

Hot Dog Girl by Jennifer Dugan
The cover of this one is just delicious, but the premise sounds like so much fun. The main character spends her summer working as a hot dog mascot at the local theme park and spends her days pining over her crush. I mean....what's not to love?

Maybe This Time by Kasie West (July 9th release)
I don't even need to know what this one is about...if Kasie West has her name on it, I'm reading it. But for the sake of sharing, the MC works for a florist making arrangements for events and finds herself working alongside a young chef at many of the same events. You know what happens. ;)

Hope and Other Punch Lines by Julie Buxbaum
This book has a 9/11 theme to it and it sounds SO intriguing. The main character happened to be photoed during the terrorist attacks, and the picture became a famous internet meme. She hasn't been able to escape notoriety since, and she decides to try and separate from it the summer before her 17th birthday by working at a summer camp a few towns away. While she's there, though, she meets someone else that was also touched by the 9/11 attacks and they make new discoveries in sharing their stories.

15 Exciting Summer Books

Summer of Salt by Katrina Leno
The magical elements of this book sound like SO much fun - I love a good fantasy world. This one is a coming of age story with the extra drama of problems with the magic that's been handed down through the women of the family for generations. It takes place on an island by the sea in the summertime, and I think hanging out with this book this sounds like a great way to spend a summer afternoon!

The Rest of the Story by Sarah Dessen
I love a good Sarah Dessen so I'm really excited to tackle her newest. This one deals with the story of a girl who lives with her Dad after loosing her mother when she was ten. As a teen, she heads back to the lake town where her mother's family lives and she spends the summer learning about her parents' past and the different lives they lead when they were young. Naturally, she learns about her self in the process - the contradicting ways her two families view her, and the connection she still shares with her childhood friend. This one sounds like a perfect story to take to the lake!

Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan
I read Little Beach Street Bakery last summer, and I was in love with how hygge and homey it felt. It was a very slow-moving story with some quirky elements, but I just loved spending time with the main character on her secluded island while I watched her make a home out of her shabby new apartment. I've been looking forward to tackling the summery version ever since! I think it'll be a perfect summery read.

Summer Book TBR

The Flatshare by Beth O'Leary
This book sounds like so much fun! Two people, short on money, decide to share an apartment since they work different shifts. Leon gets the place by day, and Tiffy gets it by night. Somehow, they've never met despite sharing a home! They leave little notes for each other as they come and go, and slowly but surely, their lives begin to intertwine. I cannot wait to pick this one up!!

Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey
Okay, this one has all the elements of a good time - romance, celebrity, a fake relationship that turns into something more, home renovations....sign. me. up. Travis is a retired major league baseball player that has found a new career in flipping houses, and he finds himself doing work for his best friend's little sister - who is no longer little. She's an event planner that hasn't dated in a while, and somehow the two agree that striking up a fake relationship will get people off their backs about being set up. I've heard that the romance gets pretty hot and heavy in this one, but I'm sold without or without it!

If I'm Being Honest by Emily Wibberley & Austin Seigmund-Broka
This book is apparently inspired by the movie Ten Things I Hate About You, and the internet is living for it! Cameron is a High School senior that isn't well liked because of her not-so-kind attitude, and she makes it her personal mission to change that in an effort to impress her crush. While making amends, she starts to notice someone else and the way he treats her, and she wonders if she should reevaluate her end goal.

All the Summer books!

Field Notes on Love by Jennifer E Smith
College-bound Hugo has been dumped by his girlfriend, but he still wants to take their planned trip across the US before school starts. His companion ticket can only be used by his ex's name, so he offers it up on the internet to someone who shares her name. Someone takes him up on the offer, and they have instant chemistry as they set out on their trip. This sounds like such a sweet story, and I'm really excited about going along on their adventure with them. <3

Curiosities of the Finger Lakes by Melanie Zimmer
My in-laws own a cottage on Keuka Lake (see: The Lake) and there's so much about the area I don't know. A tip I once heard on Gretchen Rubin's Happier podcast was to read a book set in the area you're vacationing in, and since we end up on the finger lakes a few times a summer, I thought this would be a perfect read for one of our many trips. I'm excited to learn some things about the area and share them with our family!

City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert
I've had my eye on this one for a while - I haven't read any fiction by Elizabeth Gilbert before, but I love everything else she's done. Set in 1940's NYC, this book sounds like a luxurious travel back in time while following Vivian through the formative years of her life. This book has themes of feminism and positive female sexuality running through it, so it's timely and important as well, and I can't wait to dig in.

Books to read this summer 2019

Truly Madly Royally by Debbie Rigaud (July 30th release)
This is a guilty pleasure of mine - reading about fictional royal relationships and the struggles and indulgences that come with being a part of one. Bonus points of there's an element of secrecy involved (I don't think this one has that, just saying). The main character, Zora, is attending a prestigious summer program when she meets the prince of an English island and falls for him. This thrusts her into his spotlight, and I assume, everything that follows is all indulgently delicious.

Someone Else's Summer by Rachel Batemen
The premise of this book sounds A LOT like one I read by Morgan Matson (Since You've Been Gone) which I LOVED, so this one sounded appealing! A tragic accident causes the loss of the main character's beloved older sister, and as a tribute, she decides to tackle her summer bucket list along with the boy next door. A summery road trip with challenges, emotional depth, and a love interest? Here for it.

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren
Olive and Ethan, who don't particularly like each other, find themselves on another couple's honeymoon. During the wedding reception of Olive's twin sister, nearly every guest comes down with food poisoning - she and Ethan (who was the best man) were the only two to avoid it, leaving them to go off on the newlywed's adventure in their place. They set out intending to avoid each other while off in paradise, but then end up having to pretend that they are actually the newlyweds themselves, and, well...we know how it goes from there, right? :)

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Do you have any of these on your summer TBR? Anything similar that I missed and need to know about?? Do share! I have summer book FOMO ;)

Happy Reading!!

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