Friday, August 9, 2019

My First Stitch Fix Review

Stitch Fix has been on my radar for eons - I just wasn't able to participate in it because I was completely wrapped up in the world of Matilda Jane. I actually encouraged Matt to start getting Stitch Fix about 18 months ago - partially so I could live vicariously through him, but also because he wanted someone to point him in the direction of more fashion conscious clothing.

A Stitch Fix Review from a first-time subscriber |

It's been fun watching him all these months and helping him decide what to keep, but I finally decided that the time for me to give it a shot had come! (Helped along by a $50 credit he was somehow able to give me?! Uh yeah, thanks!)

The day it arrived was basically Christmas morning. Jumping out of my skin over it excitement, you guys. (I love clothes to a potentially unhealthy degree.) I could tell right away that I would LOVE everything.

Studio Blue lightly distressed skinny jeans

First up was this pair of jeans. I'm currently working through an outfit/closet challenge, and one of the goals is to identify things to donate, sell, or just generally get rid of. I immediately noticed a stack of boot cut jeans that I will probably never wear again, but I wanted some new skinnies to replace them before I tossed them so this was PERFECT timing! They fit INCREDIBLY well, are a great dark wash, and have really cute subtle distressing details. I loved them instantly!!

Black off the shoulder top with criss cross strap detail

The next thing I tried on was this black tee with a cute off-the-shoulder style and a criss cross strap detail. While I liked it, and the fabric felt great, I have so many solid black tees in my closet already that this felt like a redundant purchase. It was also too large - which isn't a huge deal, they can exchange sizes easily. I didn't keep this, but I almost did - I really liked it! I just leaned towards saving money.

Beige and Tan kimono with gold thread detail

I was the most skeptical about this kimono, though I did like the colors. I only own one kimono (and don't wear it often) so I just felt like I probably wouldn't reach for this very often. However, I really liked the neutral coloring and the simple pattern, I ultimately didn't get it just to save money.

Navy and white striped tee shirt dress

I was SO excited about this dress! I love a good tee shirt dress, and this one looked SO cute the second I pulled it out of the box. It's a heavier, almost sweatshirt like material (though not too heavy), and has a really cute button detail down the back. I love the neutral navy and white stripes, and it fits so comfortably and flatteringly. This one was an instant must-keep!

The fifth item in the box was a bracelet that I never ended up photoing, but it wasn't exactly my style, anyway. It was solid silver (which I liked for its simplicity), but the actual shape of the links wasn't quite me. It was also pretty big. So that went back.

The jeans + the dress were both $64 each, but I had the $50 credit to put towards the purchase of those two things, and I'm so glad I did! I've LOVED wearing both of them, and they were perfect additions to my closet!

I'm not going to get a fix as often as Matt does (I currently have my subscription set for every 3 months), but I did schedule a special birthday fix for the end of this month so I'll have round two ready to share soon! Have you tried Stitch Fix yet, or are you way behind the times like I was? On the off-chance you haven't given it a shot yet....we can both get a $25 credit if you get your first fix! To claim your $25, use my referral link, HERE.

If you get a fix, let me know what you keep!

This post contains my referral link to Stitch Fix, which means if you sign up to receive a fix and purchase any of it, you'll get a $25 credit towards your purchase and I'll get $25 to use on a future fix as well. 

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