Friday, August 2, 2019

Nordy Sales Try-On!

July has officially become the most fun clothing month of the year. As if the Anniversary Sale wasn't enough, Nordstrom's outlet store Nordstrom Rack has their own clear-the-rack sale and cardholders get early access. sucker.

I want to show you allll of the awesome Nordstrom-related purchases I've made in July, but let's start with the Rack because we actually have one nearby where I could try things on. (Unfortunately, I have to shop the anniversary sale online because we don't have a full Nordstrom here - booo!)

First up are two huge-huge wins. The shirt is adorable and classic and can spread the seasons, obviously. But the jeans....the jeeeeeans! I was sifting through the clearance racks, hoping to find a new pair so I could ditch some old ones, when my hands landed on a pair of GOOD AMERICAN JEANS. IN MY SIZE. FOR $29. (I still haven't gotten over it, in case you were wondering.)

They fit incredibly well, and were marked down so low because the tag said they had been altered. I wasn't aware that they'd take altered clothing back? But whoever had them altered basically fit them to my exact body shape. How on earth does even happen?? So I'm wearing them in a 6, but they're probably not fitted the way they normally are off the rack. The top is a small, and it's a little shorter than I'd like, but totally fine with high waisted jeans.

This Free People top looked adorable on the rack, but let's call it like it is....there's way too much going on here. The collar really pushed it over the edge for me, so I didn't get it. I was bummed...I wanted to love it! And during the clear the rack sale it was only like $8. I'm wearing the small.

This hoodie is THE CUTEST! The look on my face is because I had just told my best friend (the shopping enabler-accomplice one) to not let me buy anymore hoodies for the foreseeable future and I was begging her to let me get it. (She did, under the pretense that it was too "me" to leave behind.) It was worth it - this thing is still full price directly from Adidas and $45 on Amazon - I got it for around $35. I'm wearing the small, and it fits flatteringly, though I usually prefer my hoodies a little roomier than this.

This shirt from TopShop was clearly a no-go. It looked so much cuter on the rack, and just oddly baggy and billowy on. If it had fitted arms, I probably would have loved it. This was, believe it or not, a small.

Back out in the store, this cardigan caught my eye. I'm not usually a big fan of leopard print, but there was something about the darker colors that I was crazy about. I love that darker, rich, warm brown paired with obsessed with it for fall (which I think you'll find to be true when you see my Nordstrom try-ons in a minute.) It runs a little big...I'd hoped to find an XS but decided the small was okay for cozy outfits.

The last thing I got was a pretty black lace bralette from Free Press (pictured in the very first picture). It's sold out now, but you can still find it on Amazon.

I've already showed you my shopping plans on the day of the Anniversary sale, but nooow let's see how they all look on! (Spoiler alert: it's all adorable.)

free people citrine top

You really can't go wrong with a Free People henley. The loose fit with the fitted sleeves is effortlessly girly while still being casual. I love the brown color of this one for fall, and it's SO comfortable. I got the small and it's absolutely perfect.

This felt like the riskiest purchase of the whole sale - Spanx faux leather leggings. Bloggers and vloggers across the country sing the praises of these babies, but I just kept thinking that I couldn't pull them off. Wroooong. They might be my favorite pants of all time. For starters, they're spanx! They hold you in and smooth you out like no other leggings can. They can be dressed up or down, styled to look edgy, cozy, or sporty. They *might* be my best purchase. I got them in the medium and they're great.

The tank wasn't even part of the sale (but was on sale separately) and I just thought it was perfect for fall layering. It's a great little tank - thicker than your usual layering cami and perfectly flattering. I got it in the small & love it.

Next is a black top that I really didn't need, but I loved the little poof sleeve shoulder detail. This is trend that I've seen more and more of this summer, and I thought it would make for slightly dressier-yet-casual fall outfits for days when I want to look a little more put together. You know, meet the teacher nights, PTA things, book club gatherings. It's super adorable, soft, easy to wear, and the small works great for me.

This thermal is the most comfortable thermal I have ever worn! I bought it because I liked the neckline and that it was different from your typical thermal. In the cold weather months, I really like wearing just a simple warm shirt or sweater rather than dealing with in-the-way layers. Especially when I'm busy around the house or with the kids. I went one size up to a medium because thermals are typically on the fitted side, and I'm glad I did - it's perfect. And so soft!

This skirt you guys. THIS. SKIRT. I stalked this thing like crazy person. I wanted it so bad. SO BAD! There was just something about it. It sold out on the first day of the sale, and it took 3 more purchase attempts before I scored one! How adorable does it look paired with black? I love it. I love that it's high waisted and still long enough, I love the fall-feel of the corduroy, and I love the warm brown color so-so much. I'm wearing the small & I'm happy with it.

ugg platform sneakers

My Ugg shoes! I love these!!! They are so cute and just perfect with dark wash or black jeans, or even the leather leggings. There was just something about the way these looked with their little platform and their simple slip-on style that I was super drawn to. I got the 8 in these and they are perfect!

I loved the look of this lacy tank instantly (and there was a black floral version I wish I'd gotten in time!!). It looks adorable like this for a summer evening, but I think it will be perfect for layering in the fall and winter. This is a great staple, for sure. I'm wearing the small and I think it's great with a higher waisted jean (maybe a little short otherwise).

I didn't model my Nike slides because, well, I didn't get them for their fashion forwardness. I got them for utility purposes (like working in the yard or the basement) and just quick trips out of the house. But, they'll make an appearance in other posts soon, because I love them and they keep ending up on my feet.

And that, finally, is everything!

I am not one to rush summer a long - we have to wait so, so long for it. BUT....I kinda can't wait for the weather to cool down enough for all of these great pieces!

Did you get anything good from any of the Nordstrom sales? Do share!!

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