Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Pt. 2 - Packing it in.

DAY ZERO - March 14, 2020

I skipped the start of this entry because a lot of it was overly redundant - I already shared everything from it in my first two quarantine-related posts here & here. Just fyi.

Better safe than sorry.

     Thankfully, we're in good shape to be home for a while now. I overlooked St. Patrick's Day dinner and we're low on a few minor things (like mustard), but I'm hoping to have all of that after we do a curbside Instacart pickup tomorrow. Hopefully it will happen - it was already canceled today and I had to reorder it. We could do without, though.

     Today was our last outing. We may make a couple quick stops tomorrow (to get the Instacart order if it goes through, and a book on hold at the library), but they'll be quick and limited. I plan to otherwise be home for the better part of a few weeks. It's going to be interesting.

     The boys had haircuts today - the last for a while, probably. I expect these guys to get pretty shaggy by the time it's safe again. Maybe I'll even have to figure out how to give them a hack job myself.

     The guys are watching Avengers Endgame as I write this. The whole 50% of the population being gone thing feels particularly ominous right now. I've also been reading End of Days by Sylvia Browne - which is oddly and unexpectedly comforting. She has a deep understanding of all the doomsday scenarios that have ever been (at least up until her death), and seeing them all be disproved and explained at their origins makes this situation seem like another blip on the radar. I've also been working on lesson plans for a sort of distance learning/homeschooling situation. I'm actually looking forward to that part of this experience.

     As of this evening, there are now 3 positive cases of the virus in our county. That'll be the trigger to close schools, for sure. I was going to keep my kids home, anyway. But I'm sad to know that it's for sure here, now. My Dad might have it. He has the symptoms but his doctor doesn't want to see him. I'm not sure what he's going to do.

     There's lots of coughs in my house, even. All but me. No fevers, though, thankfully.

     I'm sad, but hopeful, and at least somewhat prepared.

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