Tuesday, July 21, 2020

July Book of The Month Picks

This is only my second box, but I'm irreversibly hooked on Book of the Month. I'm behind on sharing this one - what with August's picks right around the corner - but better late than never, I always say! (To everything, because I'm always late.)

So, here's what I got this month:

My July BOTM Box | www.jennrych.com

My official July pick was Head Over Heels, and I 100% picked it because I was sad about not getting to experience the Olympics this Summer. The story follows a gymnast named Avery that was forced to retire because of a terrible injury. She's brought back into the gymnastics world through coaching, and the situation stirs up some scandal and romance, and I think it sounds really fun. Can't wait to get to it!

Because I have no will power, naturally, I chose two add-on's again.

Add-ons for my July Book of the Month Box

The first is What You Wish For by Katherine Center. This one spoke to me because the main character is an Elementary School Librarian (be still my heart!) and she finds herself entangled with the school's new principal, who happens to be her former crush. Over the years, though, he's become a hardened professional whose methods change the environment of the school she loves. She's then called to stand up for her school while balancing her unrequited feelings from the past and phew, this sounds like my exact brand of a good time. I do realize how nerdy that makes me sound - no regrets.

The second add on I chose is Well Met by Jen DeLuca. This one felt like a fun choice because the sequel is coming out this fall (perhaps a future BOTM choice?) and if it's as fun as everyone says it is, I love continuing a good series. This book takes place in a small town in the summer (already sold), where the main character Emily gets a seasonal job at a Renaissance Faire. I've never been to one nor do I feel particularly intrigued by them, but I do love the feel of a small town celebration and the angsty flirting that happens within them. This one sounds like SO much fun!

Bookmoji pins

Also, I got these super cute pins this month because my friend signed up to get her own box. So cute, I love them!

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Head Over Heels is my July pick for my BOTM box

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