Monday, July 6, 2020

Pt. 39 - What hurts to let go.

Day 86 - June 8th, 2020

     Another beautiful morning to wake up to! I'm so grateful to have had so many of these! And hopefully many, many more to come.

     I chatted with Sister Cassie and a friend from school (who I actually met through BuffaloMommies first) about all of my school thoughts yesterday. Both of those conversations really helped. I still don't have a decision, but I feel like I see more clearly and will be more settled in whatever decision I end up making. For now, today is the start of our last week of school, and I have mixed feelings. Ready to be done, but also sad that things had to end this way. I am happy and grateful in this time of life, but it's still hard to let go of things you thought you could count on. My kids' education is super important to me and any detour on that path hurts a little because I was so careful about choosing it. I know it's just all a part of the process of letting go...this is the part that stings a little for me.

     We ordered some books last night that are either written by black authors or about the themes of racism, activism, and black history. We want to educate ourselves, but I want to pass that onto the kids more than anything.

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