Monday, September 21, 2020

Off to Stars Hollow: Gilmore Girls S1E1

Season 1, Episode 1

Restarting Gilmore Girls is both thrilling and frustrating. I'm always SO excited to get back to Stars Hollow, but also annoyed by all of the "off" details in the first handful of episodes and how ridiculously long it takes for Luke and Lorelai to get a clue about each other. It's as painful as it is exciting to watch sometimes.

I have a lot of continuity issues in this first episode, so let's get to it.

  I know that the pilot gets filmed before the rest of the series for nearly every TV show, but I think because Stars Hollow is basically its own character, it really bothers me how different it looks (Luke's especially) in episode one. Whenever they're actually at Luke's it's a totally different building, but when Rory and Lane are walking into school a few minutes in, you can see the building where Luke's is located for the rest of the series. There's a lot of random details that get re-written later, too. 

  For example, Rory is 16 in episode one (and can drive), but then turns 16 in episode six. I can get behind the idea that Lorelai was just rounding up her age because she was nearly 16 - but I Googled, and you have to be 16 in CT to get a learner's permit. The pilot aired on 10/5/2000, her birthday episode aired on 11/9/2000, and on the Thanksgiving episode in season three (which aired more than two years later on 11/26/2002) Lorelai says Rory is only 17. Rory's got some bizarre aging issues going on!

  There's a picture of George Washington behind the guest counter at the Independence Inn. I'm making note of this because I know that at times, there's a window there.

  I love Rory's giant sweater, why did Lorelai call it a moo-moo?? I want one! haha

  When Rory and Lane walk up to Lane's house, there's a big sign that says Kim's Antiques, which of course is the name we come to know as their house/store. However, when the camera switches to the two of them walking through the door, there's a different sign outside that says "The Glass Chimney", and the staircase leading up to the front door is off to the side instead of directly in front of it.

Already, the wall behind the desk at the Inn has changed. Instead of a centered picture of George Washington with some lamps and plants on the shelf in front of it, there's now three pictures. George is still there, but now there's another portrait, plus a framed gun.

Some things I noticed back at their house: the ugly kitchen wallpaper, the missing hutch/shelf that's in the kitchen later on, there's a door (left open) that leads to their front entryway and visible closet doors in the entry that I don't think we ever see again (at least not located there). There's definitely more windows in the living room than there usually are, and most noticeable is the missing archway from the front entry into the living room.

  Emily and Richard's house looks different inside and out. I think their house bothers me the most, because the entryway and living room look completely different for the entire first season. Later, when they flashback to young Lorelai and Christopher, the house looks like it does in season two and beyond which obviously doesn't make sense.

  When Rory and Dean have their meet cute, Rory's outfit is super cute. I feel like they dress her so meh later on so I always notice when she's got a super cute outfit.

  They're eating tiny salads for dinner?! Oh, nevermind, there's the burgers.

  Whoa, never saw this before. When Lorelai and Rory walk into their house arguing (after Lorelai finds out about Dean) there's a bar of some kind with stools behind Lorelai, where the staircase usually is. Rory even stops and picks up books from it on her way past it.

  The lamps and plants are back and George is centered again!

  Okay, the fight at dinner. I love Lorelai and all that she is, but when she fights with her Mom, I feel like we get a glimpse of her spoiled rich girl upbringing. Her family may have been suffocating and she may not have wanted the lifestyle they were grooming her for, but the way she resents her parents for wanting to be involved in their lives at this point is a little entitled. They gave her thousands of dollars (tens of thousands?) and only want a weekly dinner (that they also fund) in return. Deal with it, girl! 

We get our first glimpse at Lorelai/Luke chemistry at the end, and I'm not sure what to even say about it other than I think their attempt at "sexy Luke" fell a little flat. They'll get it eventually.

Okay, so...books and movies mentioned (that I noticed): Jack Kerouac, Huckleberry Finn, Moby Dick, Madame Bovary, The Little Match Girl, Rosemary's Baby.

Okay, so, overall - had I watched this episode in real time (I didn't) I would have loved the premise of this show instantly. It's not my favorite as a seasoned fan, though, because it just feels so different. There are so many characters yet to be introduced, too, that really make the town come to life. 

Episode 2 coming soon!

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