Monday, May 24, 2021

Introducing: Journals! (+ a giveaway)

YAY, I published two journals! 

And whether that's news to you or you're visiting me from my intros on Instagram, I'm so excited to share allll the details about them with you!

Check out my new self-published journals!

A few months ago, I started thinking about how journaling really carried me through 2020. If you look at my Quarantine Chronicles tab, you can see some of the typed journal entries that I copied from what I called my quarantine notebook that I used to document how the pandemic looked and felt for my family. An afternoon cup of coffee, a notebook, and a pen did wonders for my mental health every day. 

I eventually ran out of room in my notebook and my journaling sprawled across multiple books. Being the Virgo & ex-scrapbooker that I am, I found myself wishing for one neat, easy space to record all the things about this crazy pandemic experience. You know, for posterity's sake. 

So I made it!

Quarantine Journal for documenting the pandemic

EEEEK! I'm so excited to share this. So, so pumped.

So look - I know not everyone wants to remember 2020 - let alone in organized detail. But I like the concept of recording history and this weird version of normal we've all lived through as we went through something globally monumentous. It's okay if you don't like that idea. I totally understand wanting to ban the past year from your psyche, and respect all the reasons you may want to do so.

But if you'd love to have somewhere to keep a record of all that weirdness, I've got just the thing for you!

Inside are prompts to help you think about what might be worth documenting. Some of the questions ask you to record things like, pandemic buzzwords, shows you binge watched, and items you couldn't find on store shelves. There's a whole range of questions - from the mundane to the deep stuff (with total and utter permission to skip over any of it that doesn't serve you!)

Journal Prompts for documenting 2020

The rest of the journal is filled with lots of blank space for you to write out your feelings, a day in the life during quarantine, or even a letter to your future self. Document whatever feels worth documenting!

And at the end, I left space for you to scribble in a few of your favorite quarantine recipes! These are things you might have tried out of boredom but ended up loving, or even the recipes you made again and again (like the ones that used up all those aging bananas). Maybe you didn't try any at all and you'd like to use this space to write in your recipe for sanity during such a wild time! ;)

Recipe space in a quarantine journal

Last spring, I started a collection of pandemic/quarantine items. There were things that came home from school, copies of recipes we tried, letters we got in the mail, and eventually some of the masks that my kids already managed to outgrow in a year! I am so excited to fill up this journal and add this to the collection! I know documenting something so awful and terrible is a little bit weird - but it's how I cope. I like the thought of looking back on all of this as reviewing a part of our family history. I never expected it to be a part of our story - but here we are.

IF you're looking for something not at all related to 2020 or the pandemic - I've got something for you, too.

While doing my research and practice for my quarantine journal, I figured out how to play around with some digital artwork. I know this doesn't hold a candle to what artists can pull off with a smart pen and a tablet, but I enjoyed figuring this out and coming up with this design that I named "Expansion."

Abstract painting blank journal

"Expansion" came together because of the process of learning, and is being used as a cover on a journal, with the hopes that its user is able to expand themselves because of the self-help and self-love they're engaging in as a result of journaling. I know not everyone will understand that significance, but I'm so overjoyed about putting this out into the world!

This journal is totally blank inside! You can use it however you'd like to use it. Air your grievances. Make your grocery lists. Write letters to people that you'll never send. Record all of your internet passwords so you stop forgetting them. Keep it on your nightstand and write out your dreams when you wake up. Anything goes!

Morning pages journaling

I happen to think she's gorgeous, and goes really well with a cup of coffee.

You can find all the details and links to my journals as well as my future journal projects HERE.
You can also click right on through to the Quarantine Journal HERE and the Blank Abstract Journal HERE

AND! You can win one! 

I'm hosting a giveaway over on my Instagram this week where I'll choose two winners - one for each journal. Find the giveaway HERE - but I'll give you a head start. Commenting on THIS post is a bonus entry, so you can do that now before you head over and save yourself a step! Good luck! xo

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