Monday, June 7, 2021

Last Minute Monday - Pt. 4

Hi! Happy...another week, I guess. 

Excuse my lack of enthusiasm - part of my brain has disintegrated thanks to virtual school. Straight up melted away. And there's somehow 3 weeks left of this insanity?! Let's be real - no one cares about fractions and grammar in June.

I love writing Last Minute Monday posts (possibly because I get to escape 1st and 4th grades for a minute?), but to be honest I don't have a ton to share. I've been careful not to overload life right now while we are waiting for the stress of school to end.

So life has been mostly watering plants and reading books and loading and unloading the dishwasher. Thrilling.

Although, I'm reading The Soulmate Equation* by Christina Lauren right now...and that's thrilling as hell. I expected to love it (I love all of their books), but it's so hot. Recommend recommend recommend. 

There's some other good news, too. My 12 year old is fully vaccinated and had zero issues with his second shot. My Grandpa (who has been a bit unwell lately) is coming around and is expected to be back home super soon. And my little two get to go enjoy their field day at school later this week. While I use those two hours of no kids to galavant around town. Which, let's be real, will be the library only, but I'll take it.

Oh! And I'm back at yoga this week. It was supposed to be last week, but the rain had other plans. It's an outdoor class, so a soggy parking lot is not ideal. I miss my yoga class so much - and my instructor even moreso. She's one of my favorite humans on the planet.

Okay so, I meant it when I said I didn't have a ton to share. I have to go set up my first grader for another assessment meeting (omg this part of the school year is the worst) and then I am dying to get back to River & Jess and read more Soulmate Equation. Definitely going to devour the rest today.

Have a gorgey week. 

And if you're looking for summery books to get lost in once you finish The Soulmate Equation, visit my last post. There's a lot to love.

*This is the lone affiliate link in this post, just wanted you to know! If you click through & buy this book I will make an itty bitty commission, but that's not why I shared it - it's legitimately worth it. :)

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