Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Me First February!

I have something SO good for you today!

First, ugh, I had all these plans to share Valentine's Day gift ideas with you last week...I was working so hard on it. And then I got the 'vid (blah) and it had other plans. I scrapped all of it. I'm still hoping to pop one or two up here because of all the behind the scenes work that went into it, but we'll see.

Today I have something sweet and lovey and juicy to share with you!

The upside of having covid is that I was looking at February like, "Okay, you evil frigid little month, you will not be the flaming pile of trash you usually are." I wanted to spend the whole month on health and self-care and loving myself back to the happy baseline I was at before these germs.

I started mapping out what I would do for myself...and then realized....hey, this might be useful.

So yesterday I sat down to do some shop work when all of a ebook came out.

Yes, a whole ebook. (lol.)

I mean, it's only 45 pages. It's not a novel. But it covers every day of February with a lovey way to take care of yourself and has a bunch of printable and fill-in spots for a full experience.

But here's the deal: I'm going to give you guys the list for free.

You can have the list of challenges, as well as your choice of Instagram-sized image to keep track. 

The book itself is full of pointers, lists of ideas, links to resources, and so much other goodness so I recommend it if you *really* want to dive in. It's not meant to be on your reading list for the month (it's not really a sit down with a cup of tea and get lost kinda thing)... it's more of a printable planner. Review the day's page in the morning, print it out if you find it useful, and fit the idea into your day. (There are several blank printable pages you can use over and over again!)

If you want the full ebook, grab it HERE! (It's 35% off with that link *only* through Feb 5th!)

But if you just want the list of ideas and feel like navigating them on your own, feel free!! You can download our printable list RIGHT HERE - no email or anything needed!

Don't forget to grab your choice of Instagram tracker:

Let me know if you're joining me, and use hashtag #mefirstfebruary on Instagram if you share any of your journey!

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