Friday, May 26, 2023

7 New Summer Romance Books to Devour Over a Long Weekend

Admittedly, I've been awful at keeping up with reading this year. There's just so much happening, man!

But summer is coming, and I usually get a lot of pages under my belt with the kids off from school and a more flexible schedule. I'm keeping my TBR and my goals low, though, and limiting myself to the newest books that sound the most exciting.

You know - the ones that will make me dump all of my responsibilities and let the dishes pile up while I stay up way past my bedtime getting all twirled up in a sparkly romance.

Ya with me? Wanna start over this long weekend?

Here's what I'm eyeing for my summer reading:

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Love, Theoretically by Ali Hazelwood

I don't even really need to know what this is about - all of Ali Hazelwood's sciencey infused romances with their broody love interests are so, so binge-able and delicious and I am here for it and alllll the way signed up for another helping. But what I know is this: the main character, Elsie, is a professor that needs a side hustle because we all know that educators get paid beans and it's a crime against humanity. So she part-times as a fake girlfriend and you know what...that's it, that's enough for me. Fake dating that will OBVIOUSLY turn real with someone grumpy and seemingly unreachable is all I need. Say less. Add to cart.

Available June 13, 2023

Famous for a Living by Melissa Ferguson

I read a book by Melissa Ferguson last summer that totally whisked me away, so she's been on my radar since then. This is her newest, and it sounds like so much fun - a social media influencer escapes to the middle of no where to outrun paparazzi and the media when her business ends up under scrutiny. Her entire life is different in this new arrangement, and of course there's a handsome rugged park ranger for her to feel all twirly about. Know what's wild? This is so similar to the plot of the story I'm writing for my newsletter (The Cozy Chronicle). I'm sending out a new chapter each Saturday (starting tomorrow, actually!) and it has a really similar vibe - girl who is used to luxury adjusting to the simple life and the mysterious, somewhat grumpy local handsome guy. What are the chances??? I just discovered this book existed yesterday, but now I'm reeeally excited to check it out!

Already available! Released May 16, 2023

I have a lot of guilty pleasures when it comes to romance novels - the fake dating turned real, friends to lovers, and enemies to lovers tropes get me every time despite their relentless predictability. But another one is celebrities and Hollywood. Maybe because it feels so frivolous and like such a stark escape from what normal life is like for me, but you can convince me to read basically anything that has a famous character. In this one, Lilah and Shane are actors on a hit TV show, and their characters are everyone's OTP. In real life, though, they don't get a long. So much so that Lilah left the show for a while to get away from Shane. Angsty tension on a television set? Yes, please. This is the kind of fun read that will engulf me and get me to binge away!

Available June 27, 2023

Same Time Next Summer by Annabel Monoghan

I haven't read anything by this author before, but this sounds like such an angsty dream of a summer story! Sam is thirty, and planning her wedding to her doctor of a fiancé. When she goes to look at a venue near her family's beach house, she runs into her ex, Wyatt - the one that broke her heart as a teenager. Despite her life feeling happy and on track, memories of her relationship with Wyatt flood her thoughts and bring up memories that she hadn't thought of in years. I'm not sure what else goes down, but this is sure sounding like it will end up in a "make a choice" scenario that could be as exciting as it is heartbreaking. Almost a hint of The Notebook vibes, yanno?

Available June 6, 2023

The True Love Experiment by Christina Lauren

Christina Lauren is (are) one (two) of my auto-read author(s). Man, that whole two people one name thing gets complicated, haha. Before this post, I haven't even looked to see what this one is about - it's just on the list automatically!

This book puts a previous side character from The Soulmate Equation (so good) at the front of the action this time around. Fizzy (short for Felicity) is a romance novelist that finds herself as the subject of a reality show about falling in love. There's a hunky filmmaker involved, and so...we know where this is going, and I'm super here for it. (Sounds like Hollywood and an "unexpected" pairing that didn't go according to plan to me! Delish.)

Already available! Released May 16, 2023

Meet Me at the Lake by Carley Fortune

I've been looking forward to this One! I originally thought it was a sequel to Every Summer After (that was so good, btw - def read it!), but it doesn't seem to be. Fern is running a lakeside resort (already sounds like a perfect summer read!) and needs help. A somewhat mysterious man that once let her down after spending an intense 24 hours together nearly a decade ago steps up to help her, and it sounds like there's a big helping of drama and secrets wrapped up in everything they do. Hints of romantic vibes mixed with intrigue and an idyllic summer setting sound like a perfect formula for a warm weekend!

Already available! Released May 2, 2023

Happy Place by Emily Henry

This one is already on my nightstand, and I'm a couple of chapters in! The fact that I haven't entirely devoured it whole has everything to do with my overly ambitious calendar and nothing at all to do with the book - I'm SO excited for a slow moment to really dig into this one! Emily Henry is yet another auto-read author for me - her witty banter riddled romances are everything! In her newest book, the main character, Harriet, finds herself on vacation with her friends - and her ex-fiance (or is it ex-boyfriend? Now I can't remember!). Only their friends don't realize they're ex's...they never told them that they broke up! So they have to spend their time together faking it, and as I've already made abundantly clear....I love a good fake out and all the hijinks that come along with it. I can't wait to get more into this one!!!

Already available! Released April 25, 2023

So tell me: which one are you devouring first?? 

Or is there another that should be on this list that I missed? With the way my schedule is and my attention span being spread thinner and thinner by the day, these exciting, angsty stories are the only things capable of grabbing hold of me right now! 

Here's a pin so you can come back to this list all summer!

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