Monday, June 12, 2023

Farm Girl Summer: Turn Your Home Into a Homestead, Even in the 'Burbs

In a world driven by convenience and instant gratification, the idea of homesteading might conjure images of vast farmlands, sprawling acres, and a back-to-the-land movement that feels disconnected from the realities of our modern lives. 

It always did for me - or, it often comes with the assumption that someone who lives that lifestyle is heavily religious. I'm not sure why that is - do you find that, too? No shade intended - it's just that I'm not religious, so when doing research or consuming content in this area, I'm sometimes frustrated that it comes with a religious tone. 

(If that's you too, then I hope to be a resource for you! Though, fair warning, I won't be pushing the other side of the coin, either: neutral ground here, baby.)

I've always been a bit intrigued by a slower, more natural way of life. The fast-paced, artificial-everything society we live in has always felt a bit off to me. As someone with ADHD, the convenience of the way things are has always won the battle in the end, but I'm finding that being intentional about moving my daily life towards a simpler, slower way is incredibly fulfilling.

And the truth is...we can challenge our preconceived notions and transform even our modern suburban homes into cozy homesteads without sacrificing our love for contemporary comforts!

This summer, let's revolutionize our homes, nurture our green thumbs, and embark on a journey of sustainable living that will leave us feeling fulfilled, healthier, and more connected to the world around us. 

I call it..... Farm Girl Summer.

I do not have a farm. Not even close. 

But I've been developing routines and habits and tackling projects that make me feel like the caretaker of a bustling homestead in a way that going back to my human roots. Like listening to my ancestors. Like honoring the basic, foundational needs of myself, my family, and the nature around me. And I'm doing it all in Kate Spade and Tory Burch and Ralph Lauren and Lilly Pulitzer.

Because we can.

We can blend worlds - we can cross borders - we can bust through stereotypes and preconceived notions about which "types" of people live certain lifestyles. 

I've always been a bit of a walking contradiction. I'm this, but I'm also its direct opposite. Over and over again. And for some reason, I've always assumed that I'm just not "crunchy" enough, or I'm not "outdoorsy" enough to pull off this life. But so what if I'm neither of those things, or any of the others that most people are when it comes to homesteading? Why not both?

Farm Girl Summer is about treating your home, wherever and whatever it is, like a homestead.

A homestead is a self-sufficient and self-reliant property or piece of land where individuals or families engage in various activities related to sustainable living. 

In a modern context, the concept of a homestead has expanded to include suburban and urban settings. While the scale may be smaller, the principles remain the same. A homestead today refers to creating a functional and sustainable ecosystem within one's home and surroundings, incorporating elements such as gardening, food preservation, animal husbandry (on a smaller scale, such as backyard chickens, but for my family the indoor cats and dog are it and they will not be procreating, lol), DIY projects, and eco-friendly practices.

It's about taking an active role in the creation and maintenance of our basic human needs.

And it's incredibly fulfilling.

Okay, but like...why?

I feel you. It seems like more work and time and effort and those last two things are in short supply these days. But treating your home like a homestead offers a wealth of benefits that go beyond the physical aspects of self-sufficiency. It's about reconnecting with nature, nurturing a sense of purpose, and finding solace in the little things. Many of the routines and projects feel like a meditative practice and allow you to learn new skills, slow down enough to process life while your hands are busy, and then relax in an extra-cozy and personally curated space afterwards.

To me, it feels like a creative process - your home and the land it rests on becomes a work of art that you slowly add new colors and brush strokes to, and every time you step back to look at it, you're surprised to see how beautiful it has become.

Plus: bite into your first slice of sourdough toast from bread you made yourself and tell me you don't see heaven. That's why, dude. That's why.

Not sure where to start?

Well, don't worry - I will share the things I'm doing as I go along, and I promise that if a tired 30-something with ADHD and three tweens/teens can do these things, you can, too!

But a few very quick ideas to get you started:

  • keep some herb plants on your windowsill
  • bake some things from scratch
  • visit a farmer's market and buy your produce for the week there
  • plant some flowers - literally anywhere
  • go berry picking and make some fresh berry recipes
  • find a few opportunities to turn off lights and use candles instead
  • take a walk around your yard and photo pretty growing things
  • get a bird feeder and bird seed and fill it regularly

Just the tip of the iceberg here, but all extremely attainable.

What do you think? Want to join me? Farm girl summer has significantly more carbs than hot girl summer sooo, I'm not seeing why you wouldn't.

Here's to a fulfilling and grounded summer for us all!

I'll pop back to this post to link the projects and things related to farm girl summer, so here's a pin to help you keep it all in place:

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