Monday, July 17, 2023


Summer sure is summering, and life keeps right on life-ing.

I'm perpetually tired. It's all good things! Great things, even. But I could certainly use more sleep.

And ugh, the content I had planned! I'm sad about it. There are posts I still intend to write, but the timely ones centered around gardens and June's abundance of strawberries have already faded away.

Such is life - and instead, I've had full, busy days with my boys and several thrifting outings which all bring me joy and zero regrets. I just miss sitting down with ideas and inspiration and writing out messages of cozy homes and shopping secondhand and sprinkling beauty into our days.

Despite my absence here, life has been abundant.

July's cicadas and sunny mornings by the pool make me feel summer all the way down to my bones. It's such a crime - how fleeting it all is! Those things will start to fade all too soon. 

Here in Buffalo, we get so little warmth. Our summers are unrivaled, but quick. Ask any resident of WNY - we try to jam all of life into three months. We have to use it while we can! And be as active and present as possible.

We've gone fishing, been swimming, enjoyed lake-ing, and fit in a bit of resting. (Though not a lot.)

I spend mornings at the pool, enjoying friends and seeing my kids loving life.

I spend Sundays at the farmer's market, where I've come to adore photoing the products of locals who passionately grow, bake, and craft goods for our communities.

Every dawn, I walk my yard and say hello to my gardens - pulling off expired leaves, giving them cool sips of water, freeing them from intruding weeds.

And every evening, I turn my fan on high and crack a book to lull me to sleep - which takes about 5 minutes with how busy we've been.

I've also indulged (repeatedly) in the new season of The Summer I Turned Pretty, and if you haven't yet, or if you aren't Team Conrad, you are missing out on both counts. (Recommend, recommend, recommend.)

I have so much more I'd love to say - so many shareable things have been bouncing around in my head. But we're still busy, we still have a lot more summering to do, and I know that I won't be able to promise any of it anytime soon. I hope. I wish. But we'll see what's actually possible.

In the meantime, keep up with the rest of our summering on my IG highlights! I've been crappier at sharing there, too, but not nearly as neglectful. You can at least see what we're up to most of the time. :)

I hope you're enjoying summer to the fullest, too! 

And I hope to find oodles of time to share and share and share as the silver lining to summer slipping away all too soon. Talk soon! xo

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