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Matilda Jane's July Back To School Jane Parade!

I am not thinking about back to school right now.

My kids just finished their school year less than three weeks ago! We have a looong time before we have to think about this in our neck of the woods, but I know that's not the case everywhere in the country. Matilda Jane knows that, too ;)

Matilda Jane's Back To School July Release Jane Parade

So today, I get to bring you a snippet of their extra-special, hasn't-been-done-in-a-decade JULY release. I mean, exciting stuff, man.

Though this capsule is the precursor to the Fall season, it carries its own name (Back to School), and has prints full of apples and pears, late summer florals, and yellows that are deepening just a touch at a time. If you've been an MJC fan for a while now, this release is going to make you happy!

Also? There's three backpacks to choose from, two cuter-than-cute lunch boxes, two adorable headbands, and the next addition to MJ's stationary offerings - a notebook and pencil set. Love!

Let's get down to the fun stuff, hmm? Women's pieces, coming at ya.

My favorite piece is the School Spirit Tank, which ooooh happy day, came in a small in my trunk! Score. So happy I get to hang onto this one!

MJC Women's Tank Back to school line

It's a little more old school MJ in style and coloring, but I totally love it, and it's totally me.

Next on my list of favs are the Syllabus Big Ruffles. These are a slightly darker pink to a very similar pair MJ has done in the past, and I adoooore them. They look SO cute with the Twister Tank from June, but they pair well with any neutral.

MJC dusty rose big ruffles Syllabus Big Ruffles

When I started getting into Matilda Jane, I wasn't totally sure if I was a Big Ruffles girls or not but I'm liking them more and more, lately. Probably more around the house than anything else...they are SO comfortable. I'm wearing the smalls above (another win!)

My next fav is the Team Captain Tee, and it's 20% how ridiculously soft and comfortable it is, and 80% because of the dark blue floral on the back. I mean...this is one of the most ME patterns ever-ever. Had to have it.

MJC Striped Tee MJ women's top from back to school line

It fits similarly to the Picket Fences top from last season, if you tried that one. Mine hasn't arrived yet, so the one in the pictures is the Large sample that I've pinned for the pictures.

Let's finish off the tour of tops with the Feeling Collegiate Top, which has an exact match in the tween line. This one has more of a fall feel too me, so it's a good Fall transitional piece that looks super cute with jackets and layers.

MJC brown babydoll top MJ brown gingham women's top

Here's one of my cutie models in the tween version (Band Practice Top), with the jeggings from last season (which was totally perfect together thanks to the blue hem stitching on the top!)

Matilda Jane Band Practice Tee

Next up, dresses! I love the floral on this mauvey colored one, which is the Art Class Dress. I struggle with elastic waists (hashtag mom belly) but when you use it to create a little layer, I love how it looks! I think it's a gorgeous fall layering piece that can stand alone as a breezy late-summer dress.

MJ women's mauve floral dress MJC back to school line dress Matilda Jane mauve colored women's dress

The second dress is a super-soft shirt dress called the Write It Down dress.

MJC women's shirt dress

I don't really "do" shirt dresses (ahem, the mom bellyyy) but doctored up with some layers for fall, and this is a really cute and cozy transitional outfit.

It coordinates really well with the brown from the collegiate and band practice tops, too...check out this super-sweet mother daughter combo! <3

MJ's back to school mother daughter set

Last but not least for the ladies - specifically the TALL ladies....MJ is now making you some basic black Finns in a Tall size! That is one of my favorite features of shopping at Old Navy & Gap (getting everything in Tall because I like things a little extra long) and I'm SO excited that we have it for our Finns! They are so cozy and versatile - now everyone can enjoy them!

MJC's tall finns

They are SO comfy...I wasn't sure I'd need these, but after trying them on and feeling that extra snuggle (and seeing that it doesn't equal frumpiness!) I'm pretty sure I need a pair! Just a note - these run small in the waist! The graphic below explains the differences in the old and new Finns, but my average length sample is also a medium and way too big, while the new Carpool Finns (also a medium sample) fit me perfectly!

Matilda Jane Finn Comparison

PS, that may be my new fav chill outfit!

This final piece is the lone tween dress this release -  Top of the Class Dress, and I'm pretty wild about it.

I love a good tween tress turned tunic. This one is so cute layered with jeans, booties & a belt!

Top of the Class Dress Tween blue floral dress

SO CUTE! This floral is seriously my jam.

And of course, backpacks and lunch boxes! The lunchboxes are $24 each, and the backpacks are available only as a promo for $25 with a $175 purchase. They'll be our promo for both July & August.

Matilda Jane's Back to School Backpack promo Matilda Jane lunch boxes

This didn't even touch the cuteness that is the girls line! If you have a little, you'll want to seeee it!

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