Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Make Believe's FIRST Release! (August Jane Parade)

August Jane Parade - Matilda Jane's First Make Believe Release! You guys - I'm so behind - I'm sorry!

It's awful when the first of the month lands in the midst of a busy-busy week, and that was the case for August.

Matt was traveling, so I was doing this parenting gig totally on my own, and we are. A week behind schedule. Woops!

I think you'll forgive me when you see these beauts. I am seriously wild about Fall clothes, and...well, you know...Matilda Jane. So combine the two and it's a party!

Our Fall season is called Make Believe, which I kind of love because I wholeheartedly believe in imagination and magic. It's maybe a better theme for the kiddos than the women's line, but...the kitchen pieces that go along with this are legit, so. No complaints from me!

Here's what's new and beautiful this August!

There's a maxi dress this month called the Curtain Call that is gorgeous, flattering, feminine, and perfect for the summer to fall transition. It is such a hit that it's already sold out in XS, and it's getting low in XL & XXL inventory.

Matilda Jane Curtain Call Maxi MJ Womens Maxi Dress

It's such a for-any-occasion beauty that I highly recommend scooping it up while there's still won't last! It's pretty long, so if you are any shorter than me (I'm 5'5") you may need a heel with it, but it's TTS otherwise. I'm wearing a small in the picture, and I'm totally happy with it.

Next up is a top that is SO versatile because of its neutral color and flattering shape.Mixing it up with vests, accessories, and different shoes makes it perfect for August and all through Fall!

Matilda Jane Shadows Top MJ neutral women's top

Pairing it with espadrilles and a pony tail makes it feel light and breezy, where booties and my hair let down made it look more cozy. This is only the beginning, but tell me how much you love our Shadows Top already! It's a perfect Fall staple, amirght?? This is a small I have on.

Matilda Jane That's the Ticket Vest MJC women's vest with tween top

You can play with it even more, and pair it with the That's The Ticket Vest from our tween line (one of my favs this month!) and upgrade to boots to get an awesome early-fall outfit! I'm wearing a 14 in the vest, and it goes up one more size so it will fit sizes XS-M for sure!

Matilda Jane Run-Through Vest MJC Orange Womens Vest

You can also pair it with the vest from the women's line, which is called Run-Through, and is the perfect Fall orange. Or, you can extra-accessorize with the tween vest and a big blanket scarf and boots (I think that's my fav!)

I'm also a big fan of our plaid popover that is based on a vintage design that MJ calls the Millie. This particular one is the Plaid All Day Millie.

Matilda Jane Plaid All Day Millie MJ women's plaid top

Super cute, right? Be careful with sizing this one...if you are between sizes, go up! It is a little tight in the upper back and the sleeve openings so better to go big! This is the medium on me - I sized up intentionally. (XS is running low in inventory, FYI!)

This next one is such a beauty, especially in person.

Matilda Jane So Vivid Top

It's called the So Vivid Top, and I love that it's juuuust a little bit dressy for times when you want to look just a touch more put together. Such a perfect staple top. And the rose pattern is gorgeous! This is the small on me - it's not a fitted top, so it's meant to have a little bit of flowy, flattering room all over.

There were two dresses released this August, too, and they both have a total boho vibe to them. They'd both look great with the dress extender under them, and maybe some cowboy boots? I don't have any to model with, but that's what I was thinking when I had these on ;)

Matilda Jane Visionary Dress Matilda Jane Intermission Dress

The one on the left is called the Visionary Dress, and the one on the right is the Intermission Dress. Both of these were in bigger sizes that I pinned for pictures, so don't use mine as sizing examples!! The Visionary was a pinned Medium, and the Intermission is a pinned Large.

So, there's a shirt that was released in August called the Ventriloquist Top, and it's a gorgeous white staple with a very unique hemline. You'll have to trust me and click over to see that one, because my sample was 4 sizes off from my norm and it's a very buttery modal fabric, so it was impossible to photo myself in it. Clicky clicky, and trust me when I say it's made out of heaven :)

Finally, BLUE FINNS!

I love Finns....well, I love all MJ's pants, actually. Leggings and Big Ruffles and Finns - gimme! They are all outrageously comfortable, a little bit unique and festive, and look beautiful with MJ and non-MJ pieces alike.

I never actually took a picture of myself in them, but here's one of my sister wearing them with a top from June's release (still available!), and yes - they coordinate perfectly with the girls AND baby Big Ruffles from August!

Matilda Jane Off Script Finns

They are called the Off Script Finns, and run pretty true to size. Finns tend to relax as you wear them, so if you are between sizes, it's best to go down. Don't drop a full size, though...that would be too drastic :)

Did you happen to notice how cute those little cutie pies are?? We did a HUGE photoshoot featuring July, August, and some of June on my nieces and my friends little beauties! See them all on my Facebook page to get a peek of all the other August pretties I didn't have room to share here!

What's your favorite August piece?? Let me know in the comments, and I hope to see you on my TK page! xo

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