Monday, March 5, 2018

Camp MJC March Jane Parade

Happy Almost-Spring!

I'm certainly ready for a thaw, and while my hometown likely won't get much in the way of warm weather very soon, we have a family vacation to Florida on the horizon and the March release of Camp MJC has me totally outfitted for a wildly pretty and cozy trip!

Pieces have been flying off the shelves, so there's actually a women's tank I'm skipping in my Jane Parade this month because it's almost completely sold out! And you should know that many sizes of these styles are also gone or about to be gone, so you have to act QUICKLY if you want anything!!!!

For reference, I'm 5'5" and typically wear a size 4/6 or a small/sometimes xs in Matilda Jane. Onto the pretties!!!

Matilda Jane No End Dress Maxi

This maxi, the No End Dress, is going to be a staple in both my Florida attire and my summer wardrobe! It will get oooodles of wear...with it's flowy, flattering style, it's functional pockets, and it's adorable tie-back peek a boo detail. It's on the shorter side for MJ's typical maxi length, but it's pretty perfect for my height and below. (Sorry, taller ladies!!)

This one is SUCH a hit - not only for its style and beautiful print, but for how it coordinates with dresses from both our girls and baby lines, so it is almost gone! There are only smalls and mediums left, and the smalls are about to disappear! RUN!! It runs true to size other than the shorter length. I'm wearing a small above.

Matilda Jane Women's Swim

Ask me if I ever thought I'd post a picture of myself on the internet wearing a two-piece bathing suit. NEVER, IN A MILLION YEARS!!! But the beauty and modesty of this gorgeous new addition to MJ's swim line is so perfect that I can share without any hesitation at all!! I know these bright florals are not everyone's cup of tea, but they are sooooo mine, and I'm so in love with this suit!

The swim is running small. I'm wearing a medium in the top and the bottom, but I have...uh, assets? ;) So if you don't have oodles in that arena, you might be okay in your typical size. All swim is sold out in XL & XXL, and low in XS & L. There is also a one-piece, but believe it or not, it's not as modest as the two piece! So you'll have to click through to see the Bathing Beauty suit :)

Finishing up women's swim, here's the cover-up and beach bag:

Matilda Jane Swim Coverup

So cute, right? I've seen people pairing the cover up with jeans or shorts and a hat, and it looks SO CUTE! I totally love it. It has pretty flexible sizing....I would probably enjoy the the small better, but the medium (my sample size) works perfectly fine with the strings tightened, and I feel like I get a little more coverage in sizing up, too. (Click HERE for the Cool Shade Cover Up and HERE for the Gather It Up Bag)

By the way, there's a wildly beautiful beach towel, too, but I didn't end up working it into the photos. Go see it!!! (HERE)

Easter arrives shortly after our Florida trip, so I've been thinking about that, too. MJ has some super cute women's Easter dresses this month! First, there's a re-make from one of last year's Easter dresses in darker shades and newer fabrics.

Matilda Jane Women's Easter Dress

It's called the Light Rising Dress, and I much prefer this shade of green to last year's green! I think it runs pretty true to size...I'm wearing the Large sample in the photos and it's been pinned and belted, so I'm just guessing, but it seems that way!

I reeeeeeally love this next dress for Easter, the Come Away With Me Dress.

Matilda Jane Come Away With Me Dress

It's springy and flowy with just the right amount of frill along the hemline, but my favorite part is that you can wear it either off the shoulder, or with cute little cap sleeves. Isn't it so sweetly springy?? I'm wearing the XS in these pictures and it fits well, so I think this one runs just a little big.

So let's talk tops! There are two in the women's line, and another to share from the tween line.

Matilda Jane women's navy stripe top

I love this one - the Navigator Top from the women's line - because it's like a total neutral staple you'd find in popular stores, but with that special MJ flair. The colors are great for carrying you right into the summer months! It runs big - big enough to size down. I'm wearing the small above and had to pin it for the picture! I'm exchanging it for the XS.

Matilda Jane Women's flowy butterfly top

The other women's top is the Fly By Top, and it has a very romantic, gardeny feel to it. It's sheer and super flowy, so this one would be great for a super warm day! It's also one of those tops that can be warn casually, or with a little dressiness to it. I'd say this one is pretty tts - I'm wearing the medium above, but have it pinned for photos.

Matilda Jane white tween top

Finally, there's a top from the tween line - the Field Games Top. (There was a tank, also, but it has sold out of the adult-worthy sizes, so I didn't photo it!) This top is sheer and flowy, and uses a familiar fabric from Make Believe, but with spring updates. It's super cute and simple - I love it with dark jeans! I'm wearing the 16 above...I feel like it works, but I might prefer the 14.

So long as we're chatting tween, let me sneak this cutie of a dress in here!

matilda jane yellow stripe tween dress

This is the Sunshiny Days Dress, and isn't SO stinking cute? It reminds me of a little 1950's waitress outfit. I totally dig it. I'm wearing the 14 in the photos, which fits me well...except that it's a liiiiittle too short for my taste. I worry that if I size up for length, it'll be less fitted, so I'm not sure I'll keep this one, but I ADORE the style!

There's also a "jacket" from the women's line this month.

matilda jane womens spring jacket

I put it in quotes like that, because it's wildly thin - almost gauzy. It certainly covers your arms and shoulders for a breezy day, but it has the warmth of a light pashmina rather than an actual jacket. Also, I apologize for looking like I'm about to fly away with my new wings lol...even with pinning, this looks pretty silly on me in the large sample. So I would say this is for sure tts, possibly a little big. (Find it HERE)

And finally...pants!

matilda jane green joggers

There are a pair of green joggers in both the women and tween lines, and as far as I can tell, their style is identical. There may be a slightly different cut to them, but I'm not sure. They sent me an XL in the women's I resorted to trying on the tween version! I'm wearing a 14 in the photo, and I FOR SURE would need the 16. They are intended to be a bit more relaxed than this, so the fitted look is not on purpose! haha I've heard that in general, they are running a bit big, so for the women's version, I would maybe size down once. (HERE's the women's, and HERE's the tween)

matilda jane yellow womens big ruffles

And finally - big ruffles! These pants are wildly comfortable (a favorite of mine for spring and summer!), and March's version pairs really well with the Starstruck Tee from Cozy Town! The yellow on the collar (and there are straps inside the sleeves for cuffing) make for the coziest loungey or running errands outfit of all time!

And that's it for March, friends!!

Remember - our 2018 inventory plan is very different from 2017's, and we're experiencing lots of sell-outs! If there's something you love, grab it ASAP!! If you have any questions on fit, sizing, matching, pairing, etc....reach out! Comment below, or find me on Facebook at!

SO - what's your favorite piece this month?? Mine is the maxi ;)

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