Monday, March 19, 2018

Saturday Exploring: Spiritually Rooted Spiritual Shops

A couple of weekends ago, I went for a little outing with my mom & sister. It was the first weekend after being flu-free, and I was desperate for a fun, calm, high-vibey moment to myself. The Spiritually Rooted store in North Tonawanda (one of their two locations) was the perfect place to go!

It's a gem (full of gems, literally!) for anyone with any sort of spiritual interest or a slight woo-woo side. The place is quiet and calm and crawling with cats (literal live cats), and full of things that instantly uplift your spirits. Just being there is a comfort, but in a uniquely exciting way.

We were there for the crystals, and they did not disappoint!

There were SO many to see and touch and read about. We spent a lot of time sorting through all of the crystals, and we could have spent hours more!

I didn't have the time I would have liked to explore all of their books, decks, oils, jewelry, meditation aids, and so much more!! I was all about the crystals and they stole all of my attention! But this store has everything imaginable for the spiritualist.

I loved how the crystals had little cards with their names and descriptions on them. I took photos of them as I chose crystals so I could refer to them later.

The staff was knowledgeable and friendly, and their kitty assistants made the place feel like home. Price wise, I felt like it was pretty reasonable. Some things seemed a little more expensive than other crystal shops I've used, while others were a great deal, so it all evened out.

Here's what I came home with:

My favorite might be the green aventurine worry stone. It's just so comfortable to keep with you. Also, I have always been mostly attracted to raw crystals because of their more intense energy, but I am shocked by how much I truly enjoy the tumbled crystals I bought that day (and most of them were.) They are so calming to hold and keep your hands busy with, and their size and smoothness actually makes them wonderful to keep on you.

Here's a secret: I sometimes keep crystals in my bra. It's just a convenient place to have them on me, haha! And the tumbled crystals are great for that.

The store also holds meditation events and offers readings and therapies of all kinds. I really loved it, if only for the crystals, but I'll certainly be back for much of what they offer! Also good to know - they have a rewards program. If you spend $100 in one month, they give you a $10 coupon.

If you're local to Buffalo, check them out! Here they are on Facebook: Spiritually Rooted

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