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Brilliant Daydream Jane Parade!

See the Women's + Tween pieces from Matilda Jane's first release of Brilliant Daydream 2019! | #matildajane
women and tween IRL photos of matilda jane's first release of brilliant daydream! |

Yay, I'm SO happy to bring you this post today - it's finally time for my February Jane Parade!!!

I know I promised that these posts would keep on coming, so I'm really happy to deliver - I'm just sorry it's so late!! We had a blizzard here during release week which held up shipments and made getting together with my TK tricky! We finally got it figured out, though, and I'm soooo excited to chat about this beautiful line with you!!! Here we go!

mjc brand new day maxi green dress

It's so so so hard to pick a favorite this month, but as I already mentioned on Friday, I think the maxi might be it. It's just SO flattering and wearable, and such a great color! While I think this is a great shade for brunettes, I'm positive it will look great on lighter haired ladies, too. In the photos above, believe it or not - I pinned an XL to get some pictures! It's pretty obvious in the sleeves, but I went along the seams to pin it and even at this size I could tell that it would jump to the top of my list! It has pockets (woo!), and in my opinion, is not as long as some of the previous maxi dresses. I'm 5'5" and little more, and thought the regular length was perfect! I tend to like this style of dress in an XS for a snug fit around the ribs.

mjc say i'm a dreamer dress grey floral dress

I don't know, this dress is a cloooose second. I'm obsessed with the floral on grey, the loose, swingy way it lays, and I'm SO happy it has long sleeves which means I don't have to wait until the end of May to add it to my closet! I got it in the small and while I could make it work, I want it to be more fitted in the ribs so I'm sending it back for the XS.

mjc floral swing dress

Plus, I tried styling it like a big tunic, and I'm kind of obsessed with it!!! Isn't it so cute like that?? But in the small there is just way too much dress, so this will work a lot better in the XS. I would say this fits very similar to the navy cruise and the new black/grey basics dresses, just with long sleeves!

mjc walking on sunshine top yellow kettle tee

So, who doesn't love MJ's kettle tees? This new yellow top is the improved kettle tee design, which means it's the most comfortable, flowy, easy-to-wear top in existence! This shade of yellow is so bright and pretty, too - I looove it! I can't remember now if I'm wearing the L or XL above, but I pinned it for the photos. I would order the S or XS for myself...I haven't done it yet! I wanted so much from this line I've put some things on hold but I'm DYING to grab this one!!!

mjc tut tut raincoat grey floral rain jacket

I LOVE this new raincoat!! A LOT! I really just can't get enough of this floral. My TK's sample is a Medium, and I wasn't sure if it would work, but I love it! It has a chord around the waist that you can adjust to cinch it or let it loose, and the sleeves were a little on the short side for me. I unrolled one sleeve to check the length, and I wouldn't want them to be any shorter than they are on the medium. So I think I'd say size up if you have longer limbs or would like to wear sweaters under it (our springs are cold here, so I do!!)

mjc in the clouds top gre ylace top

This top made my eyes pop in the sneaks! I love neutral colors that are arranged in a unique way - add in some feminine details and I'm SOLD! This was at the top of my must-order list. The white lacy layer doesn't have a lot of give, so I ordered it in the small (pictured above), but the overall cut of the shirt is pretty generous. That said, I decided to send it back for the XS. You can see that there's just too much room in the sleeves, and if you look near my ribs, there's just too much fabric there. So I would say size down on this one unless you want it sort of slouchy/oversized!

mjc dream a little dream blue floral blouse

Next up is a cute little top whose style always surprises me! This cut is never something I reach for, but as soon as I put it on I'm impressed by how flattering it is! I like the deep blue color of this one and the sweet little rose detail. I pinned a L for photos, so I'm not tooootally sure on sizing, but I would probably do a Small for myself. There's no give in the fabric, so I wouldn't want to size down.

mjc love me tender cardigan dark coral cardi

Now, okay, this cardi is getting a lot of buzz. I love me an MJ cardi, but I'm not totally sure why this one is getting so much attention? Granted, in the photo above I'm wearing an XL and it's not at all supposed to fit the way it looks on me...and I'm not a big fan of the red/orange color family. The only advice I really have is that even at this size I felt like it was too big, so I would get the XS for myself.

mjc nothing is impossible tee tween striped and floral shirt

Next is a tween top that I was mildly intrigued by but didn't give enough attention because women's was sooo goood. The sample came in a 16, though, so it was perfect! And I looooved it! It's a super comfy, wearable top, and the back panel with that addictive floral is sooo cute! I'm so sorry the pictures of the back came out so blurry, I didn't realize. However, I would say the 16 is a perfect fit for typical XS/S MJ wearers!

mjc seeds of creativity tunic 435 green tween sweater

I loved loved loved this sweet green sweater from the tween line, too! I'm wearing the 14 and it was too snug in places and I found the arms a bit too short, so I would definitely go with the 16. It was SO soft inside, and this shade of green is GORGEOUS!!

mjc heart of gold dress grey tween dress

Something that was not at all on my radar that I now HAVE to have is the tween Heart of Gold dress. Oh my gosh - such a perfect "throw it on" dress for summer! Do you love those simple tee-style dresses in summer? My fav. Especially around the house. I was also shocked that I wiggled my way into the tween leggings, but they had a ton of give! Both samples that I'm wearing are a 12, and I was totally content in them! However, I would size up to a 14 in both for a bit more wiggle room.

mjc downtime dreams dress black tee dress

Speaking of easy to throw on tee dresses, I grabbed the black one from the updated not-so-basics line and I'm SO excited about it! These are great on their own with natives or sneakers, but look so cute belted or dressed up a little, too. This neutral black is so versatile and slimming! It comes in a great grey, also (that I have my eye on!), and I have the navy one from last year and I'm obsessed with it. I consider these to be must-haves, for sure! I dressed it a few different ways so you can see how it's ready to wear right now, even in winter!! I'm wearing the XS and it's PERFECT!! These run big, so size down or go with your smaller size at the very least.

mjc dear prudence blue bralette

Anyone else totally pumped about the bralettes?! I was SO excited to see these! I grabbed the blue one really not knowing what to expect size-wise. MJ has never done anything like this, so there was just nothing to compare it to! I ended up ordering it in the medium, and the sizing is super complicated! At least for me. The halter straps are super snug (so snug that I don't think a small will work for me), the cups fit perfectly, but the strap around my ribs/back is way too loose. However, no one will really ever see that part, so I think sticking with the Medium is my best bet. (To help you with sizing, I'm a 30C)

Despite the sizing issues, I think they are suuuuper cute and I still want the floral one, but gotta restrain myself for now!!

matilda jane packing set

Okay my last piece for this month is the Packing Up Set. I guess it's kind of my consolation for not getting the big suitcase (oooh my gosh do I want it), but I knew I would get use out of this (and adore its adorableness) even without it. I hate unpacking, but I have a weird obsession with packing and packing well, and these certainly help keep it more organized. I also like that they keep the dirty stuff away from the clean stuff!

Also, you can store the pouches in the drawstring bag which is awesome for storage!

mjc packing bags

Oh wait - I got the promo blanket, too. HAD TO!

mjc brilliant daydream promo blanket quilt

There's something about the MJ blankets, ya know? You can never have too many. They are all the most gorgeous, comfy blankets in creation, and I know they're a little thing but they bring so much happiness to my every day life! If you're on the fence about filling a cart to get one for yourself, don't hesitate - it's GORGEOUS! The entire back side is covered in that beautiful grey floral!!

Okay, whatcha loving? Did you get anything yet?? Isn't this month a slam dunk?!

There's SO much to love! I linked to every piece in each description, but you can shop them all through my awesome trunk keeper, Amy right HERE!! And I'd loooove it if you'd choose me as your Jane at checkout! xo

See you next month!!

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