Monday, September 16, 2019

The Plot Thickens.

This weekend, Matt and I found a house that we love.

It's probably not going to happen, but that's not even the point. I just had this nudge that I needed get spiritual about it so I asked my guides for a little assistance.

I did so not really expecting any sort of response, but then I got this insistent urge that I took as a reply that said something along the lines of, "apply for the aide job now."

Allow me to explain. My safety-net backup plan for this journey (or really any possible future paths I could take) was to fall back on my education as-is and take a job that would allow me time to be with my kids. I have a Teaching Assistant certification from when I got my degree, along with a smattering of other childhood education certifications, which qualifies me to be a Teacher's Aide.

My path for this particular avenue was: stay available for all manner of volunteering while Jake is in Kindergarten, apply to be an aide substitute next year and get experience in many schools and with personnel in the district, the following year jump on a more permanent aide position with my gleaned experience and name recognition.

It was all arranged to not get in the way of my writing or my freedom for this very first year on my own.

It's funny, though. The conversation of subbing had come up twice already this school year (which has only been 2 weeks long) - once with a current aide, and again with an aide substitute. How odd is that? Not odd at all, really, if you believe in the orchestration of the universe and the gentle nudges from our guides, as I do. I just had no idea that it was potentially leading somewhere.

So I get this spiritual insistence while I was in the shower (I often get them there), and as soon as I was finished I texted an acquaintance of mine that is currently an aide sub. She responded quickly with the name and email of the person in HR I needed to talk to and directed me to where I should apply.

Did I plan to spend most of my Sunday updating an old resume and filling out an application? Nope. But what's even more out of the blue was stumbling on two permanent aide positions at my sons' school and seriously considering them.

I haven't made up my mind on that just yet. The hours are perfect, the days off are the same as my kids'. The only thing that would change is my hours of freedom that I'd planned to put towards writing would now be put towards a job. Depending on the actual aide position, though, it could be a really rewarding job. I always loved working one-on-one or in small groups with kids. I even love the monotony of school paperwork. LOVE it, actually. It's just a difficult thought to consider giving up this free-flowing time I've waited over a decade to have.

If we decide to move forward on a new house, I would more seriously consider it. We'd need the extra income, for sure. If we stay put, though, I think I'd like to stick with the flowy rebel-friendly schedule I've just finally established.

I'm really not sure what the future holds - even the in-two-weeks future. The past month has been so incredibly transitional for all of us and my mind can't seem to settle on a new normal or a clear path. We'll get there, I know. It's just interesting how life has its own path and it keeps on moving along it even when you're busy carving your own.

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