Saturday, January 4, 2020

Intentional 2020: Morning Routine (wk 1)

It's already Saturday again, somehow, and so concludes my first week of living intentionally. (Time makes no sense to me lately. Neither does Justin Bieber's Yummy song.)

If you recall (or don't, it's cool, but you probably should because it's in the title), my first week's focus was on keeping a morning routine. And I'm happy to say that, well.....I slayed. Could I have done any better? Nope, I don't think so. Toot toot. (That's the sound of my own horn.)

Okay, in all seriousness, I didn't just successfully keep a morning routine for 7 days, but I fell in love with it. 

Living Intentionally with a Morning Routine (even if you're a rebel!) |

I guess I need a couple more weeks to take it from adoration to habit, but I already sense that it's not going to be a problem. And I attribute this success to knowing myself and working within my nature. One of the most impactful personal development frameworks that I've ever taken on is Gretchen Rubin's Four Tendencies. (Go here to see what you are and what it means.) I've settled nicely into understanding that I am a Rebel that tips Questioner, and it basically means that no one (not even myself) can tell me what to do. It's so annoying.

But not impossible! If you know how to play games with yourself.

I'm tackling this entire year with that in mind, but when it came to my morning routine and YEARS of trial and error to see what works with me, I finally sussed out some elements that it needed to have.

1. No alarm to wake up to. 
Part of it is that I play too many snooze games, but it's also that I'm a yogi and I know that waking up harshly to a sudden blaring sound throws your root chakra out of line all day. I instead installed light bulbs in my room that allow me to use an app to schedule a slow wake up routine. It ever so gently makes my room brighter and naturally rouses my body. That, and my husband is an early riser and never lets me sleep too late. This is a luxury I know not everyone has, but it works for me. We are a good balance for each other.

2. Not too many elements to stick too.
If I over do it, it will feel too much like a chore and rebels hate hate hate chores. It helps if some of the tasks are non-negotiable necessities (like brushing my teeth).

3. It shouldn't take too much time.
I need something that I'm able to streamline into 10 minutes or less. You know how when you first start a job it takes you all day to complete your tasks but after you've been there for a while you consolidate it all into much less time? It's the same with this - it took some time to get in the groove at the start of the week but it's becoming natural to me and it takes me about 10 minutes now. If it takes more than that and I end up in a rush in the morning, I'll say "screw it, there's no time" and I won't stick to it.

4. No constraints on how much time each thing should take.
I can do a routine - as in, an ordered checklist of tasks. I CANNOT do a schedule. I've proven it time and time again. Don't box me into amounts of time...I'll blow it up.

5. Everything on the list has to have high value.
It's gotta make me feel good or inch me towards being ready for the day, or it's just in the way.

+     +     +     +     +

A simple morning routine that even rebels can follow! | My routine has all of those elements, and it has been perfect for me.

I started on December 29th (because I'm a rebel and that's what felt good), and by the third day I said, "whoa, this is good." It's a simple routine, but it contains elements of preparing for the day ahead, basic hygiene, hydration, moving my body, dwelling in gratitude, and educating myself even while having to drudge through the monotonous tasks of life.

By the time I sit down with my coffee to use my gratitude journal and do some reading, I feel so GOOD. I'm not sure what element (or elements) of my routine get me to that place, or if it's really all of them in tandem, but I really do feel full-body amazing by that point.

I'm totally happy for you to try this routine and even save this image for your phone (it helps me stay on track when I'm extra sleepy), but here's a few notes for you on each of these things.

+ If you aren't familiar with sun salutations, YouTube them. Just make sure you do them in sets of 2 for balance. I was still fighting a cold when I started so I only did 2 on the first few days and it was still enough to wake up my body! Now I do about 6 of them, but it all depends on how I feel that day. Again, as long as I have a guideline and not a rule, I'm happy to work within it.

+ If you're like, "what the heck is a Sakred oil" - well, it's basically frequency infused MCT oil. You know how some people use that in their bulletproof coffee? That's my version. I get them from Sakred and I have all 3 vibrations. I pick the one that I feel I need the most that day, but I most often return to the Love one because I believe it's the highest frequency there is and I like to dwell there.

+ For the reading part - sometimes I only have time for 2 pages. Sometimes I can read for an hour. It all depends on when my body was done resting for the morning. I just make sure to make it something vibey and inspirational so that it leaves me with both good feelings and lessons to carry with me through the day. Lately it's been The Shift by Wayne Dyer and A Course in Miracles.

+     +     +     +     +

So the verdict? I don't want to stop this routine. Like ever. Which was kind of the point - to set up a good foundation to carry me through the rest of my intentional weeks. They (as in spiritual types, including Abraham Hicks) always say to feel good first, then do. Work from a place of high vibration to do the greatest good. This has for sure lent itself to a better overall flow of my days! I can't wait to add in next week's focus to really amp it up: my evening routine.

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