Friday, January 3, 2020

20 for 2020

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Hey, new year.

I can't help but get caught up in the freshness of you. Last year I finally learned that it's cool to take it easy in Winter and follow my natural inclinations to hibernate. So I hesitate to over-commit myself or dive in too quickly. But I am looking forward to some....focus, newness, self-care.

So I made a list for 2020 - 20 things I'd love to knock out or get in the habit of this year.

I thought about elaborating on my choices, but nah. No one cares to read that. Maybe when I get around to crossing them off I'll share what the deal was. For now, I'm digging concise.

20 goals for 2020 |

1. Finish subbing paperwork.
2. Pay off Nordstrom card before July.
3. Get current with podcasts.
4. Create a budget + overhaul my spending habits. (I did this in January and that was that.)
5. Read 25 books from my shelves. (32/25)
6. Plan + execute research for my writing project.
7. Convince my legs to be flexible.
8. Update kitchen, modern farmhouse style.
9. Get clear on blogging + commit.
10. Make a book club happen, damn it. (sort of - we had a good few months, lol)
11. Eat more slowly + mindfully.
12. Create a journaling habit - details TBD.
13. Sub enough times to pay off finger printing.
14. Get smart + proactive about groceries and meals (waste less food + money!)
15. Be more datey + romantic in honor of 16 years (and a leap date dateaversary) including weekly date nights.
16. Work on my culturization list at least once a week. (list here)
17. Find a lip color of some kind (any kind) that I feel comfortable in.
18. Pay off library fines + don’t let them build up past $5 all year.
19. Read + study A Course In Miracles.
20. Clean up immediately after dinner every night.

If you've got a 20 for 2020 list, let me know - I love to get inspired by others' ambition.

Happiest of New Years to you! xo

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