Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Pt. 12 - Extended.

DAY 25 - April 8th, 2020

     Things have been alright. Better weather sure would be nice. I know we're a solid month away from that, but we're always hoping. Leaves on trees and warmer air will make such a difference.

     School has officially extended the closure through 4/29. It's a weird date - a Wednesday, and not even the last day of the month. Seems strategic for reasons I can't figure out. I've already decided that my kids won't be going back before 5/18 at the absolute earliest - and that date could change depending on the state of things. But I'm betting the schools will extend it again eventually. I'm hoping they will just cancel the rest of the year early - maybe even before June hits.

     It's just so stressful for everyone. We did get two good pieces of news today, though. Henry's teacher said they'll go light on work next week (some virtual field trips and reading) since they're supposed to be on break. And, Luke's art teacher called this morning to encourage his work and let him know that she picked one of his pieces for the school's weekly announcements video. He was so proud! He really needed that.

     Matt took Luke and Henry for a walk today around our area while I did school with Jake, and when they got home, Luke made a batch of brownies for us. The coffee is brewing just in time for us to have some with our treat.

     I've been diving into the Animal Crossing community today. I was hesitant to. I found people willing to build things I've been looking for, though, and I love that it opens up new opportunities.

     Matt and I did tandem workouts this evening. He did a virtual TKD class and I rode the exercise bike for three miles. It was hard, but after that and a shower I felt great. Definitely going to try and keep that up. Maybe there's a chance for me to not hate my legs in shorts this summer? Of course, the year we won't be around others. :)

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