Thursday, May 14, 2020

Pt. 13 - Small things.

DAY 27 - April 10th, 2020

     Despite the gloomy, cold weather, I've felt pretty good this week. 100% it's because I started working out daily. I had no idea I needed it so badly. I've "scheduled" it into my mornings before school and it for sure gives me the good vibes I need to get through.

     I have more energy, more motivation to put myself together, and I just generally feel more "with it".

     Last night the boys opened an Easter package from their Grandparents which was really fun for them. They got candy, money, books, snacks, and these toys called wubbles. They're like half bubble, half ball. Luke and Jake picked the ones that glow in the dark (they didn't realize at first), and at bedtime Henry was really upset that his was the only one that didn't glow. He was starting to cry, and Jake saved the day. He said, "I don't care if I have a glow in the dark one, I just want a wubble!" He traded with Henry, which immediately cheered him up and stopped the tears. It was so sweet. Jake put his newly traded wubble right next to his bed where he could reach it and he pet it with his little hand and said, "I'm gonna name him wubby." Smiles all around!

     We got another round of groceries today, and man is that stressful these days. And like a second workout! I used to just feel more security when we got another load of groceries, but the work and attention needed to control contamination has really made it one of the most stressful jobs I have right now. I'm still grateful, though. I don't have to set foot in a store.

     We also officially have everything we need for a (mostly) normal Easter. I wasn't sure we'd get our hands on everything, but we did! We're all looking forward to it. I'm going to get dressed and paint my nails and act like we'll actually being seeing people. I hope we can do our best to treat it like a normal Easter.

     I'm really not so much religious anymore as I am spiritual, but I did decide to not eat meat today, and I plan to say a prayer for world health and strength this afternoon. There's power in numbers.

     Tomorrow we're going to give the quarantine whipped coffee a try. We still have Easter eggs to color tonight or tomorrow morning, and some Animal Crossing events to get into. It's shaping up to be a great weekend and I'm really grateful for our circumstances.

     Oh - one last thing to note. I realized that I'd totally missed H + Jake's yearbook order deadline on the first, and I felt really bad about it - I've never forgotten before and I felt awful that Jake wouldn't have a yearbook for his kindergarten year and Henry would have a gap in his collection. The chairperson posted today that he'd take orders personally since this craziness made a lot of us forget. I was able to order them both today and I'm so relieved! Small things have mad me so happy lately.

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