Friday, May 15, 2020

Pt. 14 - Isolation Easter.

DAY 30 - April 13, 2020

     Today is officially one month since the last time the kids went to school. That's wild. I'm grateful.

Easter Brunch     I really enjoyed Easter yesterday. The boys loved their egg hunt, our brunch was so yummy (and stress free since we weren't on a deadline with visitors), the AC bunny day experience was fun, and we got to enjoy some gorgeous weather in the afternoon. I did some reading on my swing and it was so nice. Matt and Jake changed the tires on the van while I played with watercolors. I also arranged a family FB video chat and it was so fun and rewarding to bring everyone "together" like that. I made au gratin potatoes, ham, and glazed carrots for dinner that were SO good. Though we didn't get to physically be with family, it was still a great holiday.

     We're supposed to get a wind storm this evening that's a little concerning. So far the wind has been mild - it's almost 4pm and we were supposed to have high winds starting at 10am. It's only just now picking up and it's not bad. Originally they were saying winds could gust up to 70mph! I'm hoping that'll be less intense than predicted since it's already been calmer. We collected some flashlights and candles just in case, as well as charged devices (and an external battery) more diligently than normal. The kids even built a "power outage fort" in the living room and they're rooting for that to happen. I'm not - we have such a stockpile of cold and frozen food because of the isolation and it would be devastating to lose it.

     The boys were supposed to be on Easter break this week so their teachers have given them lighter workloads which has been a true relief for all of us! Henry had a really cool assignment today - he had to interview a bunch of family members and it was so cool to hear everyone's answers. I took a few photos and I'm going to compile the responses and pictures into a keepsake to show how we connected and learned about each other despite isolation.

     I think tonight is a mostly leftovers night and not much else is going on. I want to get my Reading Rush figured out and planed for this weekend (it's thurs-sun), get through some more of my current book, make tomorrow's lesson plan, a meal plan for the week, and play some Animal Crossing!

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