Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Pt. 16 - Live wire.

DAY 34 - April 17th, 2020

Untitled     The last couple of days have been the toughest of isolation - emotionally. Matt and I had a stupid fight on Tuesday evening (right after I last wrote, actually) and the ripples of that lasted through Wednesday. Yesterday was fine, but today I just feel some frustrating emotions that I can't quite kick. Everything threatens to set me off or annoy me. I've had my first moments of wishing for solitude.

     I feel, just....on edge. Like a live wire. Not sure why.

     I need to make masks but I feel overwhelmed by it. My house needs a major overhaul, which I planned for the family tomorrow. I guess I should just say...I'll get to it all this weekend and not worry about it today.

     I made a dutch baby for lunch - that was good. Henry's on a zoom call that I was gonna have him skip for all of our sanity, but he remembered it and hopped on himself.

     Shopping with stimulus money yesterday was fun. I still have like $100 left but I'm trying not to blow through it. I should probably just use it to pay off my Nordstrom card (that has about $43 left on it) and then let the rest just be absorbed towards groceries and stuff for the house. That would be the smart decision. We'll see. :)

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