Friday, May 22, 2020

Pt. 19 - Muddy bears.

DAY 39 - April 22nd, 2020

Dirt cups turned      It's Earth Day! And it's snowing. Like full-on snow globe snowing and a full coating on the ground, snowing. This has been the most disappointing spring ever. It doesn't help that we're all cooped up. We would love to spend more of our days outside - Galli included. I'm desperate for leaves on the trees! Normally I'd find hope in thinking they'll be here in a couple weeks, but I'm thinking they won't be.

     Things are good here, overall. I got a little frustrated with masks the other night and I was really disappointed because I'd hoped to provide a lot of people with them. The pattern I've been using is simple and I enjoy using it, but the end product is bothering me. They don't sit right. I know I wouldn't want to wear them for more than a few minutes, so I need to figure out something better.

     Anyway, time for a workout and shower before school. I've got some Earth Day things planned for today (and so do the kids' teachers) including a treat that is going to be a little interesting thanks to a swap made by our Instacart shopper. If only it would STOP SNOWING!!!

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