Thursday, May 21, 2020

Pt. 18 - School stories.

DAY 37 - April 20th, 2020

     Back to school today and the boys are not thrilled! School has been a rollercoaster. During the first couple weeks we mostly focused on practice with websites they already used at school mixed with activities I chose that fit whatever was going on in our lives. School eventually provided assignments and instruction, but impressed that they were optional and wouldn't be graded. We all did fairly well during those weeks (though it felt like we adjusted by Friday and it would be changing again the following week). The last week of March, they announced that things would be graded and work had to be turned in. This didn't do much for morale across the board. After a couple weeks of that, it was Easter break, but the state "canceled" the break and told educators to provide instruction anyway. Most teachers were sensitive to the fact that most families would have been on vacation or at least hoping for a break, so our workload was simple. It was a much more relaxed pace, and now the kids really don't want to pick up the pace again.

     It's been a struggle some days, but I'm not complaining. We did figure out a method and light schedule that works for us. I make check lists of their assignments for them to work through, they know when snacks happen, when schools starts, when screens are okay, etc.

     The state is "on pause" through May 15th, now, though I think it will be longer. So we have a minimum of four more weeks of this flow. I'm hoping for 8-10 more. Maybe even more?? For safety, but also because I'm really enjoying thriving with this flow.

     Groceries got delivered during school today, so then followed the big de-germ fest. I always break a sweat! But I love the feeling of being set for longer when I tuck all the food away into the pantry and fridge.

     I have some laundry to fold, a meal plan to sketch out, an episode of Zooey to watch, and some fabric to iron and masks to sew.

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