Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Pt. 22 - New Month, Same Place.

DAY 48 - May 1st, 2020

     A new month, who would have thought? When I started journaling about this situation I think I said I planned to isolate for a few weeks. On Sunday, it will be seven weeks since we started, and we're already somehow in the month of leaves on trees, the unofficial start of summer, and sunshine strong enough to burn your skin. How? Time is odd right now.

     I woke up late this morning with a sense of anticipation. Partially because with a new month comes new bugs and fish to catch in Animal Crossing, but more importantly, to hear Cuomo's decision on the rest of the school year. He promised it by today, and parents and educators have all been waiting on this info to help us settle into what's coming.

Purple Pansy     The fishing and bug catching  didn't go so well this morning, but I was able to watch Cuomo's press conference and get the info I was waiting for. The rest of the school year is "canceled". Meaning the kids won't physically go into school again until September at the earliest, but distance learning will continue for a while. I'm not sure when teachers will stop sending work, or who that is even up to. I'm hoping they end it a little early. I'm fine with doing review and skill building into the summer, but more schoolwork breaks and ease would be nice. I'm really thankful for being able to stay home and be safe without a hassle or worry, but it's still bittersweet. We don't get to finish the school year with some of our favorite teachers - one of which we'll never be able to work with again. I'm also a little sad that Jake won't get a graduation or his first super fun day (which he's been excited to experience for years). It's for sure not the end of the world, and I'm sure they'll do something virtually, but it's still just a little sad to miss out on that experience.

     I placed a Target order this morning that has notebooks and printer paper since I guess I need to provide school supplies now. I also want a notebook to work through a poetry project in May.

     It's dark, rainy, and cool again today, and I woke up overnight so I'm feeling really tired and blah. I've got a super minor headache, too. I'm working through school with the kids, though. Henry's on a zoom call, currently. I'm just super not into it today.

     I think I'm going to commit to a couple of challenges in May. I mentioned the poetry one, but I think I'm also going to take a daily picture of my lilacs. A time lapse of my spring favorites would be cool to have. I'm also working on turning Jake's door into an aquarium with paper and drawings. He's pumped!

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