Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Pt. 26 - Silent.

DAY 60 - May 13th, 2020

     Wow - two months. Today marks two months since my kids went to school and I set foot in a store. I expected this when it all shut down, but I also thought this would be the end of it. And maybe it is for some - parts of the state are set to open Friday. I'm nervous about it, but glad it's not starting here just yet. The only thing that really got the go-ahead around here is the drive-in. Plus certain hospitals are allowed to perform elective surgeries. But that's really it. I'm patient. I'm glad the rest of the area is asked to be, also.

     It's sunny again today, and these quiet coffee + journaling mornings with sunshine and baby leaves on the trees are so good for the soul. The days tend to get frustrating - what with 5 humans and 4 pets jammed into a very small space. But I'm glad to at least start them this way.

     I finally attempted making sourdough bread last night with my starter. It didn't go so well! Gluten free baking is harrrrd. The bread is much better toasted, but it's a bit rough. Like something I'd imagine Hagrid would make. And the roof of my mouth hurts from chewing it.

     Matt took off work tomorrow to give me a day off from school. I'm so excited for that. I know Sunday was a huge break (Mother's Day), but getting to pass on just one school day will be so nice. Although, knowing them, the kids will be so excited to have him playing teacher for a change that they'll probably be totally fine and actually fly through their work.

     It's so quiet right now. The boys are all still asleep (it's 8:27am) and I'm in bed with my cats. The only sounds are the furnace and Kai giving himself a bath. I think I'll go soak this up for a few minutes before everyone wakes up. I forgot how sometimes when the kids were all at school and I had no where to go, I would just sit in my super-silent (almost ringingly silent) living room and just soak it all in.

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