Friday, June 5, 2020

Pt. 29 - Welcome.

DAY 63 - May 16th, 2020

     Spirits have been really good so far this weekend - uplifted by the fact that the weather has decidedly changed. We're finally experiencing the glory days of spring - the ones that inch ever closer to full-on Summer. Buffalonians know never to waste a drop of Summer - even almost-there-Summer. We savor it like morning coffee. Sometimes with morning coffee if you're doing it right.

When nature finally turns a corner in a no-turning-back way, something shifts immediately. Life feels instantly different. The pace, the feel, the vibe, the flow of Summer is uniquely its own. This year's will be different, and we'll mourn a lot I'm sure. But as always, I'm determined to make the most of it, and I'm a little overjoyed at the idea of pushing my focus outdoors. Not the rushing-sweating-spectating from a camping chair at archery lessons kind of outdoors. But the sunrise soaking, birdwatching, garden tending kind of outdoors. I feel connected to my essential self here in nature - among the growy things and the singing birds and shifting sunlight. I know without a doubt that despite the struggles of a human life, I chose Earth above everything else. And I'll probably choose it again and again, life after life, purely for the beauty of nature.

     We're finishing up coffee time now, and groceries are being delivered. I'm always grateful to have the house replenished, but I do not look forward to the work of sanitizing or putting things away. Have I said that enough? :) We'll probably be out of disinfecting wipes after this round, too. I'm not sure what we'll do after that. They're still impossible to find - so is Lysol.

     Last night I made peanut butter brownies, and then we battled an army of black ants that have been terrorizing our kitchen. Matt even drove to my Dad's after 9pm to pick up the good ant killer he had. It worked! We seem to have mostly conquered their colony as of this morning.

Campfire Eclairs     I slept in surprisingly late - it was after 9am. I haven't done that since the start of quarantine. By the time I was caffeinated, the planned warplane fly-over was closing in, so I rushed to put myself together enough to set out on a little outing as a family. We parked at the High School (Will. North) to wait for the planes. Some others were there waiting, too but everyone was very spaced out. It's been such a beautiful day, and no one minded standing out in the sunshine to wait for them to fly in. We did eventually see them, but they were farther out than we expected them to be.

Since we were already out, we took the whole fam to Lavocat's Nursery to do curbside pickup for an order we placed yesterday. It went really well, and I'm really excited about it. They had this whole curbside thing down to a science, it was awesome. We got two kinds of tomatoes (one heirloom) plus cherry tomatoes, red peppers, cucumbers, green beans, basil, marigolds, sunflowers, and a hanging basket full of fuchsia "million bells" that have yellow stars in their centers. I'm really motivated to get our gardens weeded and ready to go. Our time at home should make for a much more well-tended garden year, and I am very excited for homegrown tomatoes and fresh, raw beans straight from the garden. I've already got a second cart of mostly flowers and outdoor plants filling up. I'm using this season of expansion to focus on all things green, growing, blooming, and alive.

     We're having a campfire dinner tonight to wrap up this awesome outdoorsy day - hobo pies and campfire eclairs. Welcome, Summer.

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