Thursday, June 11, 2020

Pt. 33 - Memorial Day.

Day 72 - May 25th

Wishing Dandelion     So, it's Memorial Day, and it looks different this year (though apparently not for everyone). Three different neighbors had full blown parties yesterday. One family was celebrating Eid, and their party was small and everyone wore masks, so I can wrap my head around that one. Our neighbors across the street only had 2 extra cars (likely to go swimming), but their next-door neighbors had a full blown shindig. There were at least 10 cars, maybe more, with multiple people getting out of each one of them. I don't understand people and the risks they take! Warm weather does not = immunity. Actions taken now will determine how the rest of this Summer will go and these people are ruining it right out of the gate! It's incredibly frustrating to witness.

     Last year, over Memorial Day weekend, I started a summer journal in a black spiral notebook. I thought it would be fun to remember each day of the most active season of life. Summer flies by us so fast, and sometimes you're left feeling like you missed it, or didn't get to do enough. And ya know, as evidenced by this quarantine journal - I like to document life. I pulled out the summer journal this morning to see what we were up to this time last year. No parties, but we did go for a bike ride, got the boys hair cuts, went consignment shopping, made a Target stop, and went out for ice cream. I know that in 3 days' worth of entries I'll see one about the day we met our kittens. Our summer picked up from there, and I only managed to track it though July 5th - fail. But man it was a full summer - even just to that point. It makes me sad to think about everything we're about to miss out on. Being with people, especially.

     We have made our own fun, though, and that's not going anywhere. We'll always do our best with what we've got. This weekend has already been teeming with memories. We camped in the backyard Saturday night - all 5 of us plus Galli in the tent. It wasn't the best night's sleep, but it was fun and even a little refreshing. It's good to switch it up sometimes. I am shocked by how early the birds get loud! It was only 4:30am when they really picked up their symphony. Once everyone was awake, we made breakfast over the fire - pancakes and sausage. So good! It was already warm for as early as it was, so I suggested that we start weeding the gardens while they were still in the shade. It was fine at first, but it took a long time to pull all the weeds, hand til the soil, cover it with landscaping fabric, and get everything planted. The sun moved in fast, and it was scorching by noon. We were getting so miserable - racing to get our weepy plants in the ground - so we cut ourselves off for a quick ten minute break. We went inside to sit by fans with fudgesicles and even decided to turn the AC on for the first time. It's funny when you think about the fact that it snowed 15 days before!! It was just so humid in here.

     We ended up getting all the plants in the ground and they perked up quick with a little drink of water. We also got the fencing up around it. We still need to add some stakes for the viney plants (cukes + beans) so we can tie them up with twine as they grow, and get the bird netting over the whole thing. I'd also like to get some more marigolds for the trim if possible.

     In the evening, I had a craving for something lemony. I found a simple lemon bar recipe, and I'm not sure I did them justice, but they definitely taste good!

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