Friday, June 12, 2020

Pt. 34 - Heatwave.

Day 73 - May 26th

     We've got a heat wave going on that started around Friday and has been increasing ever since. Today's high is 91! It's supposed to be close to that again tomorrow, and then dip back down to where we should be for May. I'm not complaining or rushing anything - I'd be happy if it stayed super warm. I'm loving this Summer feeling! It does make school work harder, though. No one wants to work when it's gorgeous outside!

     We did some cleaning yesterday and got another load of groceries. We also ordered the boys some shorts and tees for the summer from Old Navy's Memorial Day sale, and (from Target) I got cheap white tees for us to tie dye on our Super Fun Day. They were less than $3.50 each after all the discounts so score for that.

     We had a screen free day yesterday in exchange for a screens-ok day today. There's a new Minecraft game out that the boys have been counting down the days for and today's the day. They even did schoolwork on their day off so they could get to the game more quickly. I think Luke is already almost done with school (it's 8:49am, haha!)

     Not much else to report. Lots of soaking up the sun, lots of thinking.

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