Monday, June 15, 2020

Pt. 35 - Summer plans.

Day 74 - May 27th

     Yesterday was nuts! It ended up hitting 95 (with a "feels like" temp of 98). That's crazy for May! I spent some time outside, but I spent most of the day reading the new Kasie West book. I'm working through a book club book now (Such a Fun Age) so we can do a virtual meeting soon. I'm so glad my reading mojo is back!

     Last night I ordered a tie dye kit from Joann's for curbside pickup. I hope it goes through - it seems like everyone is tie dye crazy right now. The kits are so hard to find. Matt had to show me up, though, on the summer fun front - he ordered a trampoline this morning! It's supposed to be here in about a week. The kids are going to lose their minds!! We need some extra fun stuff for the yard, though, since it seems like we'll be spending most of our summer in it! We're still on the lookout for some sort of pool, too, though it seems like everyone has that idea, also. Whatever we end up with, I'm just happy to have Summer back! It's so nice to wake up to full trees and noisy birds and fresh air. SO good for the soul!

     I've spent some time planning out our copycat Super Fun Day and I'm really exited about it! I think the boys will love it. Matt took the 4th off to hopefully do it that day, but we may bump it a week if we need to. We'll see. It should be a great day!

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