Tuesday, July 28, 2020

The Reading Rush 2020 Recap!

Last week was one of my favorite weeks of the year - topped only by Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the week of vacation Matt takes every Summer. The Reading Rush feels like Summer Camp for adults - all full of activities and community, but also the heaps of guilt-free reading time that I spend getting totally lost in books. It's my favorite, favorite.

TRR 2020 finished

I read less books this week than I have in previous years (8.5 both years!) but I read more pages this year than either of the previous two years. I definitely picked some longer books this time, and that was based solely on the fact that I didn't use the library at all for this challenge. 

I normally do my research and find the quickest little novellas and transcripts-turned-books or books written in prose and I had to make do with what was at home this time. The good news is, I finally got through some things that have been waiting on my shelf for a very long time!

Here's my stats for the week:

Reading Pages Read Graph

Reading Rush Stats 2020

CHALLENGES COMPLETED: All 7, Plus 7 extras

I'm not sharing the photo of the badges I earned this year because they're mixed in with last year's and too hard to sort out, but if you're curious you can see mine here. :)

It's a tie between My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She's Sorry and You'd Be Mine. I rated the first one higher, because it was gorgeous and a literary work of art (as to be expected from Fredrik Backman), but I just hardcore enjoyed You'd Be Mine the most.

Probably My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She's Sorry just because of how long it was. And it wasn't just the length, but the type of deep-thinking that was woven through it that makes the reader not want to rush. I'd found myself wishing I had waited to read it outside of a reading challenge more than a few times.

Reading Rush TBR TRR Instagram Read-In

 My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She's Sorry (372 pgs)

Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. (149 pgs)

Always coffee, but also tea, lemon lime seltzer, berries, and Sweedish Fish.

The Reading Rush Journal Reading Buddy

My answer is sort of a cheat, because my favorite challenges are self-imposed and not actually a part of the reading rush. Those are to finish 7 books, and to read something by Fredrik Backman. Those two bring me the most satisfaction every year! But I guess if I had to pick from this year's seven, I'd go with...reading a book totally outside. I read mine from like 6:30am - 8am before my kids were up, just hanging out with the sunrise and the birds and it was perfect.

I always love the Twitter Sprints, but this year I also really loved the Instagram live read-in's, and some of the "extra" things I did to take a break from reading. Like working in a Paint by Sticker book while watching Reading Rush vlogs or listening to an audio book while I played Animal Crossing. Those things made the week feel like a whole experience.

Twitter Sprint Reading Snacks

I sprinkled in pictures from my reading week throughout this post, but if you're interested, I tracked my reading week through daily updates and mini-reviews on my book Instagram account. Look for the TRR 20 highlight bubble on my profile, or try this link to see it (I think this will work?).

Yesterday was the first day back to normal life and I legitimately didn't know what to do with myself without the urge to jump right into reading every morning. I was like a lost puppy all day! haha I love this whole experience so much. Until next July!

PS - If you participated and have a post or vlog to share, let me know!

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