Friday, July 31, 2020

My August TBR

Here's the most annoying thing about being both a Virgo and a Rebel: I love to plan, but I hate to follow the plan. It's a whole mess.

August 2020 To Be Read StackI know, you're thinking of "well then why don't you just..." solutions but don't bother, because I've tried it already. So let's just get on with the plans-I'm-not-going-to-follow acceptance and dive into some plans, hmm? :)

I have SO many books waiting for me and when I consider picking them up I often find myself saying things like "I definitely want to read that in Summer" or "oh that's for sure a fallish book" - you know, typical mood reader stuff. But then I forget about them or get new books, and again, it's a whole mess.

SO I'm going to try the whole monthly TBR thing and see where it gets me. 

To the right is my end-of-summer August TBR - all of full of light, summery goodness and one moody vampire book that I plan to read through the month. (The vampire one isn't on the pile yet because it's pre-ordered but will be here by Tuesday, yay!)

Here's what's in the stack:

- my august book club pick, socially poignant, black authored, book of the month choice (see more here)

Well Met (Contemporary / Romance)
- summer romance, small town, hate to love, book of the month choice (see more here)

Head Over Heels (Contemporary / Romance)
- olympics theme, romance, book of the month choice (see more here)

- coming of age, young love, photography

Small Town Hearts (YA Romance)
- summer romance, small town, LGBTQ

Midnight Sun (YA Romance)
- twilight re-telling from Edward's perspective (I don't need to say anything else here, do I??)

The Crowns of Croswald (Middle Grade Fantasy)
- magical world, school life, quest, NetGalley ebook (so obviously not in the stack)

Most anticipated? UH, Midnight Sun, duh. I CANNOT WAIT to spend time with Edward again. I know this is expected and maybe embarrassing for my age, but he is my favorite literary boyfriend of all time. My fictional one true love. Fight me.

Did you know I named a cat after him? His story is heartbreaking. Yikes, don't read it if you don't want to tear up.

ANYWAY, I have a few other books that I'm sort of hanging onto like "bonus" reads that I'd love to get to if I still have time. I doubt it, but we'll see. 

August Bonus Books

My birthday is in August (yay) so I'd love to flip through the Virgo one. The other two are both summery stories that I'd love to get to - I'm thinking if I run out of time I may carry over The Summer I Met Jack to the early, warm weeks of September.

I'll keep you posted on how yummy these books turn out to be. Keep an eye on my Bookstagram account @jennsbookshelf for reviews! Happy Summer Reading! 

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